If you want to live a long life, master the 3 principles after the age of 65, make yourself comfortable and bring blessings to your family

I am Family Grocery. Every day is to buy, buy, buy, buy, buy. There are many people in contact with and more anecdotes and anecdotes encountered. Among the people who come into contact with them, most of them are elderly people. why? There are roughly three reasons: one is that the elderly have time and don’t go to work anymore, and they are idle anyway; the second is that the elderly buy things carefully and can bargain for prices; They all like to go out for a stroll and buy something by the way.

Through discussing and communicating with the elderly, it is found that the older the person is, the more important they are to health, Health care, life, taste, etc. are more important. What is nutritious? What should eat less? what to eat how to eat? how much to eat Wait, everyone talks about it one after the other. Not to mention, chatting with them, communicating with them, sometimes I really learned a lot and learned a lot about health preservation.

Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life. Now the average life expectancy of Chinese people has reached 77.3 years (data at the end of 2021). Although there is still a gap of nearly 5 years compared with Japan’s 81.5 years, the world’s longest-lived country, longevity is already the general trend, and it can be achieved through ordinary attention and hard work. The goal. Today I would like to share with you that if people want to live a long life, they must master the three principles when they reach the age of 65. They must be comfortable for themselves and bring blessings to their families.

First, eat “seven percent full” and have balanced nutrition

The more popular eating rule now is “eat a good breakfast, eat a full lunch, and eat less dinner”. This is the principle of eating that applies to most people. It is basically applicable to the elderly over 65 years old, but it is not suitable in some places.

For example, “Eat a good breakfast”, sometimes you really can’t eat too well, because after the age of 65, people’s gastrointestinal function will decrease, if you eat it every day It was so good that the stomach and intestines couldn’t stand it, and I didn’t feel hungry at noon, which affected my appetite. There is also the problem of “you have to have a full lunch”, which is definitely not suitable for the elderly after the age of 65.

What is the right way to eat? That is, the meal should be “seven percent full”. The so-called “seven percent full” means that you can still eat half a steamed bun, or you can drink a small bowl of porridge. When you feel like this, stop on your own and don’t eat. In this regard, you can try it a few times by yourself, or slowly figure it out, and you will know the number.

There is another key issue, that is the issue of balanced nutrition. The so-called balance means not to be picky or partial to food, let alone to be hungry or full. Some people have a full meal when they encounter something delicious and want to eat, which makes their stomach feel uncomfortable. Sometimes the food is not to your liking, just eat a little and let it go down, this is very undesirable.

Second, exercise moderately and make good use of this “double-edged sword”

< p data-track="12">As the saying goes, “life lies in movement”. The quality and length of human life are closely related to exercise, which is a truth that has been proven by countless sciences. Regarding the issue of “appropriate amount of exercise”, everyone is very clear, that is, you can neither sit at home or lie in bed all day without exercising, but you cannot exercise a lot.

Generally speaking, for the elderly after the age of 60, it is best not to take more than 10,000 steps, and gradually reduce them according to the standard of reducing 200 steps per year. For example, a person at the age of 60 needs to take 10,000 steps, at the age of 65, it is enough to walk 9,000 steps, at the age of 70, it is enough to take 8,000 steps, and so on. I can flexibly master it according to my personal physical ability.

Sports and exercise are both “double-edged swords”. Colleague, he was very fond of sports when he was young, especially basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, etc. As long as there are competitions in the unit, he will definitely be there. He has just turned 60 this year, but it is very difficult to walk Yes, my right elbow also often hurts unbearably, which is the result of sports in my youth.

There is also a master who climbs mountains and exercises every day after retiring at the age of 60. They all took more than 20,000 steps, but they turned out to be less than 65 years old, and their knees hurt unbearably. Now they have to walk on flat ground such as courts. This is the result of not using the “double-edged sword” of exercise. It’s too late.

Third, drink water regularly to keep your body and mind “moisturized”< /p>

About the issue of people drinking water, there are many opinions now. Some say that drinking a glass of water immediately after getting up will keep you from thirsty all morning; Drink a glass of water to avoid thirst at night; some people say that people need to drink 8 glasses of water a day to meet the body’s water needs. Etc. The saying is very Many, no consensus.

The above statements all have their own reasons, but they are not comprehensive and not scientific. The scientific way of drinking water is: “drink water regularly”, 7-8 glasses of water a day. This applies to everyone. Of course, there are still many special places for the elderly over 65 years old. Specifically, it is “have a drink in the morning and evening, and don’t get together during the period.”

The so-called “drink a cup in the morning and evening” means to drink half an hour after getting up in the morning A cup of warm boiled water can quickly moisten the whole body, so that all organs can work normally; half an hour before going to bed at night, drink a cup of warm boiled water, let the body adapt for half an hour before going to bed, do not go to bed immediately after drinking water.

“Do not get together during the period”, that is, the remaining 5-6 cups of water can be evenly distributed in the morning, afternoon and after dinner, and this time does not need to be fixed. For example, after going out for exercise, you can drink 1-2 glasses of water; sometimes you have to drink water after you go out to buy groceries, and so on. Don’t drink too much water continuously, let alone go without drinking water for a long time. This “fire” is completely adjusted according to the needs of the body.

In short, if you want to live a long life, you must have the skills, practices and rules of longevity. Don’t talk about longevity, act without restraint, and you can’t control your behavior at all , it must be very difficult to achieve your ideals and wishes.

I hope everyone will keep in mind the three principles, balanced nutrition, moderate exercise, regular drinking water, keep your body in good condition, and welcome your long life to a bright future , to share the bright future of the world and the prosperity and peace of the world!