If you keep doing this, the money you earn will be wiped out sooner or later!

Some time ago, the emergency department admitted a patient, which made me feel so uncomfortable:

The 59-year-old Lao Wang is a hypertensive patient. His normal blood pressure has been poorly controlled. He also has diabetes, kidney disease, and heart disease.

These illnesses were the culprits that overwhelmed him. One day and night, he accidentally fell and lay on the ground unable to move. He was rushed to the hospital by his family, and the result was a brain stem hemorrhage.

The arrival of a disease often causes a chain reaction.

Lao Wang not only fell into a deep coma, but also suffered from respiratory failure and kidney failure.

In addition to the need for a ventilator to assist breathing and daily bedside hemofiltration, doctors also have to regularly suck up sputum blocked in the airway through a bronchoscope.

In addition to various advanced antibiotics and neurological drugs, the hospital spent nearly 200,000 yuan for more than ten days. Although medical insurance can reimburse some of them, a large part is not covered by medical insurance. .

But despite all this effort, Pharaoh didn’t wake up.

The attending doctor told his three sons that with the current state of medical care, there is no guarantee of saving the life of the elderly, or that there is a 90% chance that people and money will be lost.

So on the 16th day of hospitalization, Pharaoh’s three sons approached the attending doctor with solemn expressions and agreed to give up the rescue!

Faced with this decision, it really makes people feel a lot of emotion, can you blame the three sons for being unfilial? Probably not!

If you continue to treat, your family will be scattered, and you may be left with no money and money. How do you choose between the elderly and the small family? This is a world problem.

But honestly, based on what I’ve seen and heard over the years in the hospital, most people end up choosing the latter.

This is all because of one word: Poor!

After all, many of the people who come to our hospital to see a doctor are from above average family backgrounds.

Not to mention the vast majority of ordinary families, at the gate of the ICU, their savings are the hospital’s. Only by emptying out all their property can they get a life back, and it is possible for the elderly, The child survived.

So every once in a while, I see this kind of content in the Moments. At first, everyone would click to watch it, but then it became numb.

After a lot of negative news appeared, many people stopped caring and even despised it.

I believe everyone feels the same way.In recent years, it has become more and more difficult to crowdfund enough life-saving money.

We can’t imagine how hard it must be for those closest to them, nor how heartbroken they are.

I once watched an interview “If One Day, You Have a Serious Disease”, which asked several parents: If your child is sick, how much will the treatment cost exceed? will you give up?

Parents responded with emotion: Parents never give up on their children.

On the other hand, what if the parents are sick themselves? How much would they pay for their own treatment?

The treatment fee is not enough, and some parents bluntly said: “Then I will die, anyway, I have to leave sooner or later.”

How sad!

As ordinary people, we squander money, time, and energy, relying on our youth to overspend our health, or work hard for a decent salary.

Many people go shopping for thousands of dollars at a time, but they ignore the potential risks and do not even have a basic guarantee.

We may still be able to rely on our youth, so there is no need to worry.

What about parents? At the age of fifty or sixty, the body is also deteriorating, how much time does it depend on our temperament?

When it comes time to trade money for life, how will we choose?

Many people may think this has nothing to do with them, but in fact, about 10,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every day in our country, 8 people get cancer every 1 minute .

Many of them spent more than 500,000 yuan on treatment before dying, or even more than a lifetime of medical expenses.

my country’s high-incidence and critically ill single-item treatment costs

Although the national medical insurance has been continuously improved in recent years, and has brought benefits to the majority of patients, its role is still limited under the influence of my country’s large population base.

If the threshold is not reached, no report is made, if it exceeds the cap line, no report is made, and the individual self-paid and self-paid parts will not be reported.

There are more than 200,000 types of medicines available in my country, but only more than 2,000 medicines can be reimbursed by medical insurance, accounting for less than 2%. Medicines can only be paid for by themselves.

To give the simplest example, the highest morbidity and mortality rate in my country is lung cancer. Among the chemotherapy drugs is an imported drug called “bevacizumab”. Medical insurance, small side effects, no hair loss, no vomiting after chemotherapy, and the patient’s spirit.

Ordinary domestic chemotherapy drugs cost more than 1,000 per injection, and can be covered by medical insurance. After eating, they vomited, and their hair fell out. The patient was tortured to death.

In addition, last year, the European Society of Oncology announced the “K drug” data: in patients with positive PD-L1 expression (TPS ≥ 50%), K drug single-agent first-line treatment will reduce advanced lung cancer. The 5-year survival rate of patients improved to 31.9%.

You see, with the advancement of medical technology, money can live, no joke.

No one wants to fight for a 31.9% survival rate and import drugs, but how many people are qualified and able to make the choice?

There are all kinds of situations in the world. Most of the happy people are similar, and the unfortunate people are different. Some people are born rich, and some people work hard for half their lives and can only satisfy themselves.

For the vast majority of people who rely on themselves, making money is not easy, and happiness is not easy.

And cancer is a knife hanging over the hard-won happiness of a Chinese family. When the knife falls, it is a battle of money and fate.

Many people, like me, are now the main source of family income, family responsibilities are heavy, and work pressure is high, not to mention nine to six, eight to one or two in the morning, still big someone here!

In the long run, irregular living habits accumulate day by day, which will inevitably cause irreversible effects on the body.

Don’t dare to think, if the chance of 1 in 10,000, 1 in 100,000 hits you, how will the elderly parents enjoy their old age, how the young children will complete their studies, and how will the lonely partner How to support the whole family?

In this day and age, everyone wants to make money, but many people don’t think about risk prevention.

They all overlooked one point: Keeping money is harder than earning it.

As a doctor, I have seen too many tragedies. I really don’t want to see you spend half your life working hard to bet on a slim chance, because we obviously have a better choice!

In the last three months of 2022, I once again seriously remind everyone that while the current earning power is strong and the family income is high, must prepare the future for yourself and your family in advance risk protection.

In fact, insurance, to put it bluntly, is a small and broad tool. Taking out a certain percentage of the family income every year, you may receive several times higher than the premium in the future.compensation.

With insurance, you have the capital to fight against various diseases. With the capital, you have the courage to fight against fate, and you have the right to protect your family.

As I have compiled this doesn’t cost a penny configuration idea:

Spend item:

Critical illness cost: about 800,000

Income loss after illness: 500,000/year*2=1 million

Revenue Item:

Social security reimbursement: 150,000 (average)

Commercial insurance compensation: 1.65 million

A serious illness cost 800,000 yuan to a tertiary hospital. After social security reimbursement and commercial insurance compensation, not a penny was spent.

The remaining 1 million yuan will be used to compensate for the loss of family income for 2 years after the illness. Even if the family is seriously ill, it will not affect the normal life of the family.

However, insurance cannot be bought indiscriminately. It involves the intersection of finance, medicine, and law knowledge. It is a field that requires professional knowledge and practical experience. to tailor-made.

Blindly following the trend or being fooled into buying, often a lot of money is spent, and the risk is not blocked in the end. I have seen more than one or two cases where I regretted only after claiming for an accident.

After checking all aspects of safety, claims and service, the professional and reliable Mercury high-end insurance planning team, today for the 9th time Recommend to everyone.

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How to maintain the original life of the family under extreme risk? How can I get a doctor without spending a penny? How to make up for lost income due to serious illness?

Wait, all with reason and clarity.

Just a little detail, they pinpointed the need for a serious illness to my 2 years of lost income after my illness.

This means that after a serious illness, I can rest assured with hundreds of thousands of dollars in peace, not having to worry about dragging down my family.

After personal experience, I feel that the service is really good, I recommend it to other friends around me, and they are full of praise, saying that financial planners are professional and patient, and all kinds of planning are very good Very detailed, and indeed solved a lot of worries.

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Life is impermanent, and we must be prepared to protect ourselves and our families to the greatest extent possible even if the unexpected comes.

I sincerely hope that every friend can experience it. Today, you only need to move your finger, and your knowledge of family security and wealth appreciation will be improved to a higher level!