If there is heating at home, these 3 kinds of bulbous plants must be raised. They will bloom in 60 days, and there will be flowers to see in the New Year

Although the temperature in winter in the northern region is very low, the low temperature is only for the outdoor environment, and the indoor temperature It is still very high, because there will be heating in the home. Once the heating is turned on, the indoor temperature averages around 22 degrees. With no windows open, the temperature can reach 23 degrees. Such a high temperature is very suitable for plant growth.

The most critical condition affecting plant growth is temperature , the temperature of 20 degrees to 25 degrees is the most suitable temperature for plant growth, so if there is heating in the house in winter, you must raise a few pots of plants at home, so that there will be flowers to see in the New Year, and you must raise bulbs when you grow plants A characteristic feature of plants, bulbous plants, is that they have very large root systems.

The biggest advantage of bulbous plants is that the growth cycle is very short Short, long flowering time, easy maintenance, purchased online and delivered directly to home, received bulbous plants buried in flower soil, it takes about two months to complete flowering, the probability of flowering is still very high, At least it can reach more than 90%.

There are many types of bulbous plants, how to choose the right one Bulbs?

It is recommended that you can choose the following three types. Relatively speaking, these three types are easier to bloom in bulbous plants.

1. Hippeastrum

< p data-track="30">Among the bulbous plants, the relatively high-end species is Hippeastrum, and its price is relatively expensive. The price of a population is about 80~100 yuan, which is better The variety is more expensive. According to the individual’s economic conditions, choose and buy appropriately. There are also cheap ones on the Internet. You can buy them for 5 yuan. Such Hippeastrum bulbs are produced locally in my country, and the probability of flowering is very low.

2. Perfume Lily

Perfume lily is the cheapest bulbous plant. The price on the market is two yuan each. Take the perfume lily as an example, you can buy it for 5 yuan Two bulbs can be planted in a flower pot. After two months of maintenance at home, they can bloom smoothly. The growth cycle of the perfume lily is very short. Like the northern region, there is heating at home, and two months is enough for it to grow. Flowering.

3. Tulip

Tulips are also very suitable for planting at home in winter. 4~5 bulbs can be placed in a flowerpot, which is normal Next, a bulb only blooms one flower. The appearance of tulips is high enough. It is a small bulbous plant with a height of about 30 cm. The price of the bulb is as cheap as that of the lily. At least 10 yuan can be planted. Two pots.

To grow flowers in winter, you must make good use of the Temperature, the higher the temperature of the three bulbous plants mentioned above, the faster they grow, and they don’t need too much light during the growth period. It is most suitable to maintain on the balcony at home.

One problem that needs to be paid attention to when growing flowers in winter is watering. There is heating in the house, the temperature is high, and the evaporation rate of water is fast. The plants planted in flowerpots basically need to be watered every three or four days. Water, be sure to keep watering more, don’t let the flower soil dry out completely.