I got married within a month of knowing each other. I thought I got a big deal, but I didn’t expect to fall into a huge pit

Mr. Li is 28 years old this year. He is an older youth in the countryside. His parents are worried about his marriage. Later his uncle introduced his friend’s daughter: Xiaoyi to him. Xiaoyi is not only beautiful, but also gentle and virtuous. Mr. Li fell in love with her at first sight, and the two got married in a hurry within less than a month.

In order to marry Xiaoyi, Mr. Li paid 200,000 yuan as a gift money. After getting married, he found that Xiaoyi often talked to himself, and sometimes smirked at the wall. One night, when the whole family was eating together, Xiaoyi suddenly stood up and flipped the table, which shocked the whole family. It was only then that Mr. Li realized that Xiaoyi might have a mental problem. No wonder no one dared to marry her because she was so beautiful. It was only because he was dazzled by her beauty that someone took advantage of her.


The next day, Mr. Li took Xiaoyi for a psychiatric evaluation. After seeing the results of the evaluation, Mr. Li collapsed directly. Xiaoyi really suffered from intermittent mental illness. Mr. Li took Xiaoyi back to his natal home, and showed his father-in-law and mother-in-law the doctor’s appraisal report, asking for an end to the engagement and the bride price, but the father-in-law said that Xiaoyi’s illness could be controlled, as long as he took the medicine on time, he would be fine. Mr. Li insisted on retiring the engagement. He felt that his wife was like a time bomb. It might happen at any time, and there was no cure for this disease, and it might get worse in the future. He didn’t want to live in In the shadows.

Seeing that Mr. Li had made up his mind, his father-in-law could not force him, so he had to agree to divorce, but he was only willing to refund the 100,000 yuan gift money, so of course Mr. Li quit. Later, he found the village committee, and under the coordination of the village committee, the two parties finally reached an agreement, and his father-in-law refunded him 150,000 yuan. The matter has come to a happy ending, but I also want to remind everyone that when looking for a partner, don’t just look at the appearance, let alone get married in a hurry, otherwise you may enter the grave of marriage.

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