I cried after reading it, is summer at 25°C real?

As the saying goes,

In the big heat and the small heat, steam up and cook down,

I managed to get through the second hottest July in history. , Open the calendar and see that the hottest dog days of the year are only half past.

I wanted to take advantage of the holiday to find a cool place to to escape the summer heat,The weather forecast turned red, /strong>Henan has become “Kenan”, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai have become “workers and households”, and Hunan has become “Punan”.

Hot +1

Hot +1

Hot +1

Hot +1! ! !

It’s really no joke that it is so hot that it collapses. The weather department expects that this protracted battle of high temperatures will continue in August.

The heat wave is raging across the country, making people wonder, is there any place that is spring-like in four seasons, cool and not stuffy? Can you let everyone pass the summer to escape the heat?

Don’t say it, there really is!


Located in Heilongjiang, the northernmost part of China, it is such a legendary place. Cool place.

The meteorological department has reviewed the meteorological data in recent years and found that the average temperature during the dog days in various regions of Heilongjiang in the past 20 years is below 24℃, and the average maximum temperature is also below 24℃. Below 28℃, In recent years, the number of high temperature days above 35℃ is very few! Hegang, Suihua and Harbin have not experienced a single high temperature in 21 years. You must know that since July this year, the minimum temperature of famous “big furnaces” such as Shanghai and Chongqing has exceeded 30℃ many times.


known as ” Guiyang, known as the “Summer Capital”, just broke their July average temperaturehighest record since 1961 last month,um. …..Up to 24.6°C.

This record is indeed a bit “Versailles”.

According to the meteorological department, the temperature rise this year is mainly controlled by the subtropical high, but the high temperature above 35℃ is only one day nor.

Compared with other provinces and cities at 38°C and 40°C, and with the altitude, negative oxygen ion concentration and extremely comfortable latitude of Guiyang, as long as you do not go to direct sunlight, “to escape the heat” The capital of Guiyang is still worthy of its name.


Speaking of summer , how can Yunnan be missing? Located in a low-latitude plateau, most parts of the province are warm in winter and cool in summer, and the four seasons are like spring.The average temperature in summer is between 15~26℃, although there are occasional high temperatures , But compared to the “sauna” with long standby time in other regions, Yunnan still looks fresh and refined.

Away from the sticky, sweaty sauna and blowing the refreshing breeze of Erhai Lake is the correct way to open the summer.

Summer is super hot, this year is extra hot, find a cool place to hide, don’t I was “steamed” by dog ​​days.

Source: CCTV

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