Hutong courtyards should also strive for “the most beautiful”

Walking out of Ping’anli subway station, the originally empty street square seats and fitness equipment are scattered, and the street space has truly become the “urban living room” of residents. Photo by our reporter Fang Fei

Walking into the No. 22 courtyard of Dongzhong Hutong, Xicheng District, the lush greenery brings coolness. There are 4 families living in this yard of more than 400 square meters. In the yard, there was a flower trellis on the edge of the old tree, covered with green plants, and the kitten jumped up and got on the roof tile. In the evening, Hutong resident Wang Caili and the old neighbors sat aside, chatting and enjoying their leisure time.

It’s hard to imagine that more than two months ago, this place was still like a large courtyard, with piles of debris and small sheds. Especially in summer, the dry toilets were damp, the drainage was poor, and there were peculiar smells, such as The problem of toilets has become a special headache for residents.

The change stems from the first batch of “most beautiful courtyards” pilot projects in Xicheng District in 2022. This year, in order to help solve the problems of urban management and promote the creation of a civilized urban area, Xicheng District has formed a demonstration effect by creating “the most beautiful courtyards” in hutongs, forming a demonstration effect with points and areas, continuing to promote the renovation and upgrading of courtyards in the whole district, and driving the improvement of the environment in the back streets and alleys of the whole district. further refinement.

Not far from Dongzhong Hutong No. 31 is also one of the pilot courtyards. Today, the renovated courtyard is spacious and quiet, with greenery embellished in it, which is beautiful and elegant, showing the ancient charm. “In recent years, the environment of our back streets and alleys has been greatly improved. The ‘face’ has been dressed up, and the ‘lizi’ has been consolidated.” Tan Daoliang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xijiaominxiang Community, West Chang’an Street Street, introduced, and the previous courtyard renovation Compared with the “one courtyard, one policy” in the previous project, this renovation mainly strengthens the participation of residents through consultation and joint decision of the courtyard public space renovation plan.

If you want to become “the most beautiful”, you must first dismantle it. Tan Daoliang took the No. 22 and No. 31 courtyards as examples. The public space in the previous courtyard was seriously crowded, and small coal sheds, storage sheds, and utility sheds were built. Illegal construction garbage from vehicles. The entire street demolished 107 illegal constructions covering more than 200 square meters.”

How to protect the old trees in the yard, how to route the lines, how to solve the problem of roof leaks… Streets, communities The team of responsible planners from Hexicheng also visited households, solicited opinions from the people, and provided the best planning scheme for the construction of the “most beautiful courtyard”.

“The toon tree in our yard is pretty good, can we get more climbing plants?” “Going to the toilet in summer is really a big hassle, can the problem of going to the toilet be solved first?” At the suggestion of the 31st yard, the three ancient trees in the courtyard were surrounded by a bamboo frame, and everyone was thinking about buying some flowers and plants. The newly renovated toilets are clean and hygienic, and there are foot pads in front of the toilet, and the handle is within reach. The temperature of the entire toilet can reach about 20 degrees Celsius. Some residents feel that there is not enough storage space at home. The street uses the space in the courtyard to be demolitioned illegally, and arranges more than ten sets of iron cabinets, and there is space for unused things. The hospital also carried out a number of renovations such as ground and wall repairs, waterproof and moisture-proof treatments, and lighting system updates.

Seeing that the courtyard environment has become more beautiful and better, the enthusiasm of the residents has also been mobilized. Tan Daoliang said that the street has also formulated a courtyard civilization convention and created a “small courtyard conference hall”. Residents take turns on duty to maintain toilet hygiene, manage courtyard public facilities, publicize civilized behavior, and take the initiative to make suggestions for their shared courtyards. The next step will be to create a “Small Courtyard Story Meeting”, inviting the elderly to talk about the history of the small courtyard and the attention to ancient buildings, so as to pass on the Hutong culture.

“We hope to take the opportunity of creating the ‘most beautiful courtyard’ to solve the problems that Hutong residents most need to solve, and to create a clean, harmonious, safe and happy in the form of ‘one courtyard, one policy’ and ‘small courtyard meeting hall’. It brings together the joint force of building a civilized and harmonious home, and allows the new civilization to be truly integrated into people’s lives.” Wang Tao, the person in charge of the selection of “the most beautiful courtyards” of the Xicheng District Urban Management Committee, introduced that at present, the district has declared 42 most beautiful courtyards, and finally Five courtyards will be selected as the first batch of “most beautiful courtyards” in Xicheng District through field visits and surveys. (Ren Shan)