Hundreds of party members from Zhongshan Hospital reinforce the “hospital switchboard” to respond to emergency consultations

“The patient has been intubated for 2 months and is awaiting surgery and will be referred to the primary doctor.”

“The patient’s foot tendon has been ruptured for 2 weeks, and he was transferred to the outpatient clinic of relevant specialists.”

“The patient with anemia has been intubated with one jugular vein This is the emergency consultation “connection record” of Shao Yunchao, deputy chief physician of the Orthopaedic Party Branch of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, on-duty line 4 Hours, received more than ten inquiries.

“Most of the patients who call for consultation are anxious and hope to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. We must not only provide guidance for medical treatment and provide them with the ‘optimal path’ to see a doctor, but also do a good job in connecting their needs and solving the problems of patients. It is urgent.” Shao Yunchao said.

With the recent increase in demand for medical treatment, the number of inquiries on the switchboard of Zhongshan Hospital has grown rapidly. “Reinforcement is needed in the telephone room!” The party committee of the hospital urgently recruited party members and volunteers to all party branches of the hospital. Within 2 hours after the call for recruitment was issued, nearly 100 party members signed up. The first batch of 34 volunteers, 90% of which were medical and nursing technicians from the clinical frontline, also included enthusiastic volunteers from democratic parties and the Youth League Committee.

Dr. Liu Ying from the Department of Neurology immediately started work that afternoon and continued to answer the emergency consultation hotline until 10 pm. On the other end of the phone, the patient with fishbone stuck in throat, the cadre of the neighborhood committee who consulted for the nucleic acid-positive lung cancer patient, The family members of the patients with urinary retention and fever are very anxious; on the other end of the phone, Liu Ying soothes the anxious mood of the consultant, communicates and coordinates, and properly solves the problem of seeing a doctor.

“Everyone signed up very enthusiastically. Some party members supported nucleic acid sampling in the morning and online consultation in the afternoon.” Chief Physician Zhang Jing, deputy director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, said that medical staff with professional backgrounds can quickly catch patients in urgent need of solutions and familiar with the medical treatment process, so that patients can know how to see a doctor, and their emotions will not be anxious.

As a shift leader in the afternoon, I received nearly 30 calls. Dr. Zhang Jing said that if necessary, he would also be a temporary “operator”.

On April 28, Zhongshan Hospital Party Secretary Wang Xin, Deputy Secretary Li Yun, and Deputy Secretary Du Chuyuan went to the hospital’s switchboard telephone room to express condolences to the operators and volunteers who have always been on the switchboard hotline.

“The needs of patients for medical treatment are our actions. ‘The Zhongshan spirit of ‘ is being implemented, and we will go all out to meet the needs of patients for medical treatment. The hospital is actively coordinating and coordinating, and the party members and league members are charging ahead. I believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, we will definitely win the tough battle of epidemic prevention and control! “Wang Xin Say.

Author: Tang Wenjia Feng Ying

Editor: Jiang Peng

Editor in charge: Fan Liping

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