Hunan’s “Blue Code” rushed to the top of the hot search! Interpretation of local disease control authority

On November 25, “Blue Code” rushed to the top of the hot search!

According to the news from Hunan Daily, The current situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control is relatively severe. In many places in our province, personnel entering (returning) to Hunan did not implement the landing inspection measures and caused the spread of the epidemic. In order to In order to do a better job in epidemic prevention and control in a more scientific and precise manner, the Hunan Provincial Health Code has been launched with a blue code.

It is reported that the blue code is the same shape as the ordinary green code, but the QR code is blue. There is a logo under the blue QR code:

Restrict gathering! According to the provincial epidemic prevention and control policy, you are currently in a state of daily health monitoring. Please strictly abide by the regulations on no dinners, parties, and public places.

Relevant experts from the Hunan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention answer questions about blue codes:

1. Who will be assigned a blue code?

For personnel entering (returning) Hunan from other provinces within 5 days from the date of arrival in Hunan, the “Hunan Provincial Resident Health Code” will be assigned a blue code (except for red and yellow codes), and a pop-up window will prompt “Entering (returning) Hunan for less than 5 days” .

Two , blue code personnel normal medical treatment, children go to school, etc. affected?

Normal work, medical treatment, children going to school, taking public transportation, etc. will not be affected, and no local restrictions shall be imposed. But remind those who hold the blue code to strictly take personal protection and wear a mask throughout the process. The personnel with the blue code are doing a good job of personal protection and can take samples at the sampling points with the green code.

Three What should blue code personnel pay attention to?

After your health code changes to a blue code, please do not go to catering services, shopping malls (including department stores), shopping malls and supermarkets, farmers’ markets, beauty salons, (foot) baths, indoor fitness, singing and dancing entertainment, entertainment halls, Public places such as Internet cafes, bars, secret room script killing, chess and card rooms, etc.

FOUR , How should the blue code personnel decode it?

For the first three days after arriving in Hunan, those with the blue code should complete a nucleic acid test (including “arrival inspection”) every day, and then take another nucleic acid test on the fifth day. If the result is negative, the green code will be automatically transferred. Please perform nucleic acid testing as required. If no nucleic acid testing is performed, it may turn into a yellow code. When the blue code is wrongly assigned, you can appeal to the community, street, and county CDC for decoding, and record the decoding with the itinerary card.

Changsha, Hunan previously notified:

Strengthen the health management of long-term returnees

It is understood that in November On the evening of the 23rd, the Changsha Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a message to further strengthen the work measures for the health management of people who come to Changsha and return to Changsha. Among them, those who come (return) from outside the province and from areas with serious epidemics in the province are not allowed to enter catering services, shopping malls, supermarkets, agricultural markets, beauty salons, and washing (foot) for less than 5 days. Public places such as bathrooms, indoor fitness, singing and dancing entertainment, entertainment halls, bars, Internet cafes, secret room script killing, chess and card rooms, mahjong parlors, etc. are not allowed to participate in gathering activities; if there are other people who really need to go out, they must consciously and standardly wear masks. Negative test certificates come (return) long. Immediately after arriving in Changsha, a “landing inspection” will be carried out. A nucleic acid test will be carried out once a day for the first three days (three inspections in three days), and a nucleic acid test will be carried out on the fifth day. If the nucleic acid test result is negative, the pop-up window reminder will be cancelled.

Not only Changsha, but also many cities and prefectures in Hunan have adjusted the health management measures for (returning) personnel in a timely manner, and all mentioned “coming ( Returnees are not allowed to enter public places such as restaurants and supermarkets within 5 days.”

China Youth Daily (ID: zqbcyol Editing: Zhang Xiaosong) Comprehensive from Hunan Daily, Xiaoxiang Morning News, Hunan Health Commission website