Humanity is always greedy

The alarm clock rang in the morning, but I couldn’t remember the lazy bed. Because I was too sleepy, I slept late last night, so I couldn’t get up the next morning.

The original plan was to get up for a run this morning, but the watch beeped and I woke up, thinking about getting up and running. But I thought again, I forgot to put my sportswear on the bedside last night. If I got up wearing a shirt, I wouldn’t be able to run, so I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

And then I found a reason for myself not to get up. I think most of them have had similar experiences. This is human nature. Naturally like to do those simple and easy things, like to avoid difficult, painful things.

Because of getting up and running, first of all, you have to get up early, which is really painful compared to a hot bed. Secondly, running is also a painful process. Running will be very tiring. When you see so much Why fat people fail to lose weight, you can understand why running is so difficult.

Because the time in the morning is very precious, since I don’t want to get up and run, I can’t waste it, so I force myself to get up, so I can write an article while taking advantage of the morning time. It’s a good choice. When you wake up in the morning, you don’t need to get up. You can write with your mobile phone. This is also a small goal for today.

So you have seen this article. In fact, sometimes we have many paths to choose from. Since the most difficult path, we do not want to choose, it is relatively easy to choose. the way, but make sure it’s the right way.

Of course, the most difficult thing to get up early to write is not knowing what to write, because many times, the material for our writing can be found from what happened in the day. But the material for writing in the morning is very scarce, so this is also a disadvantage of writing in the morning.

Because I am a person who usually accumulates less, so when writing articles, I always rack my brains to think about my own writing topics, which makes writing more difficult.

Human nature is always greedy, most of them are unwilling to do things that are more difficult but can bring value, so there will be many ordinary people, this is 28 In principle, when you choose to give up doing something worthwhile, you will become 80% of ordinary people.

This world is fair, if you don’t want to fight, then you can only choose a mediocre life, this is the reality, so try to challenge such difficult things, so that your life is talented There will be different scenery.

April 19, 2022