Hubei disease control experts remind: Do a good job in home health monitoring, these problems cannot be ignored

Current, domestic epidemic situation It is still operating at a high level, and prevention and control is in a critical and critical period. According to the relevant epidemic prevention policies of our province, confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, asymptomatic infected persons and their close contacts and sub-close contacts, as well as those with a history of travel and residence in domestic medium and high-risk areas and key control areas will be quarantined in a centralized manner; Persons at high risk of exposure will be subject to home isolation medical observation. Home health monitoring is an important measure for the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic. Hubei disease control experts remind: Do a good job of home health monitoring, and these problems cannot be ignored.


Do a good job of health monitoring


During home health monitoring, measure body temperature every morning and evening, and cooperate with nucleic acid testing in accordance with community requirements. If there are suspected symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, and diarrhea, report to the community in time and transfer to a medical institution See a doctor.


preferably alone Living

Reduce human contact

Home During the health monitoring period, refuse all visits, avoid going out, especially not entering public closed places, and avoid crowd gathering activities such as parties and dinner parties. Reduce contact with other family members, wear a mask when you must contact, and keep a distance of more than 1 meter.


Keep the room ventilated


During the health monitoring period, keep the indoor windows open for ventilation, at least every morning, noon and night.Open the windows once for more than 15 minutes for ventilation; avoid using the central air conditioner shared with other rooms.


Personal Hygiene

Attention to hand hygiene, coughing or hitting


Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing, wrap it with a tissue when expecting phlegm, put the used tissue, masks, disposable gloves and other garbage into a special garbage bag, spray and disinfect the garbage bag tightly and then discard it.


Pay attention to dietary nutrition

foods, especially colorful vegetables and fruits, as well as whole grains and legumes. Eat a light diet, mix meat and vegetables carefully, one glass of milk every day, and avoid overeating. At the same time, to ensure adequate sleep, sleep at least 7 hours a day.


Maintain moderate exercise

600″> , not only can improve the body’s immunity, but also make people feel happy and avoid excessive anxiety and panic. You can choose some fitness apps or videos you are interested in, and do exercises together; or do indoor sports such as yoga, Baduanjin, bone gymnastics, and small jumps every day. For light exercise such as yoga and Tai Chi, it is recommended to exercise half an hour after meals.


Disinfect items properly

Disinfection method. The tableware is preferably boiled and disinfected for 15 minutes. It can also be soaked in a chlorine-containing disinfectant solution of 250mg/L to 500mg/L for 15 minutes and then washed with water. The surfaces of countertops, door handles, switches, wash basins and other items can be wiped with 250mg/L ~ 500mg/L chlorine-containing disinfectant and then washed with water. When towels, clothes, quilts, etc. need to be cleaned and disinfected, they can be boiled and disinfected for 15 minutes and then rinsed with clean water, or soaked in 250mg/L ~ 500mg/L chlorine-containing disinfectant for 30 minutes and then cleaned routinely, or by using clothes washing and disinfecting agents. Wash and disinfect.

Source: Center for Health Education

Reviewer:Center for Infectious Disease Prevention and Control

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