How to judge whether people after the age of 50 have a “longevity constitution”? These 6 manifestations may tell you

In ancient times, people called 50 years old as the age of knowing the destiny, which means that one’s life is over half, and aging cannot be resisted, so it is time to conform to the destiny.

The course of life is from childhood to adolescence, to prime age, middle age, finally to old age, and finally to the end of life. This is an irresistible natural process that cannot be reversed or changed. Therefore, after reaching the age of 50, it is necessary to calm down, accept the phenomenon of aging calmly, and take good care of it, so as to delay aging and prolong life.

You will enter the longevity period after the age of 50. If you still have 6 performances, you may have a “longevity constitution”

1, Ruddy complexion, good complexion

A person’s physical state can be known by looking at the complexion. If the complexion is ruddy and the complexion is good, it means that the qi and blood are sufficient and the body is relatively healthy. Conversely, when the complexion is pale, it means that the qi and blood are deficient, and the body is relatively weak.

2. Teeth are firm and strong

Teeth don’t seem to be the hard part of the body, but they also age faster. As you get older, your teeth will become loose and fall out due to their weakened ability to absorb nutrients.

If you still have good teeth after the age of 50, it means that your kidney qi is abundant and your kidney essence is not depleted. In this way, you can fully chew food, and your body can naturally absorb more sufficient nutrients. Also healthier.

3. The eyes are bright and energetic

The liver opens up in the eyes, so the health of the liver can be detected through the eyes. People with normal liver function usually have clear and bright eyes, while people with liver problems will have yellow eyes. If the liver’s metabolic function is poor, you will find dark circles under the eyes after staying up late, and it will not last for a long time.

People with poor liver function will not only have yellow eyes, but also have blurred vision and dry eyes. Poor liver function will affect the health of the body and shorten the life span.

4. Good hearing, not behind the ear

The kidneys are healthy, the kidney qi is abundant, the hearing function will be good, then the ears will be able to Hear five sounds. If you still have clear ears and eyesight after the age of 50, and there is no inability to hear the voice behind your ears, it means that your kidney function is normal and you have a longevity constitution.

5. Have a good appetite and sleep soundly

Have a good appetite to eat mamaxiang, so that the body can obtain sufficient nutrition to support the normal activities of various organs of the body. If you still have a good appetite after the age of 50, it means that there is no gastrointestinal disease, and the oral health is in good condition, which is naturally beneficial to longevity.

Sleep and health are also closely related. After the age of 50, if the sleep time is not much different from before, fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly, Rarely wake up in the middle of the night and rarely suffer from insomnia, indicating that the body functions normally, the body is healthier, and it is easier to live longer.

If you have poor sleep quality, or suffer from frequent insomnia, it is recommended to use Sour jujube seeds, Poria, lily, lotus seeds, wolfberry, licorice and other herbal ingredients to make Sour jujube seeds. Poria ointment for conditioning.

6. Defecation is normal, rarely constipation.

Whether defecation is normal or not is related to the health of the intestines, the health of the intestines, people can live a hundred years. Constipation is a common problem among middle-aged and elderly people. There is a certain relationship between constipation and aging. Constipation can lead to the accumulation of toxins in the body and affect the function of body organs.

So after reaching the age of 50, if you can keep your bowels and bowels unobstructed, it means that your body has a normal metabolism, there is no gastrointestinal disease, and your excretory system is healthy, so you are more likely to live longer.

If you are already constipated frequently, it is recommended to adjust it in time. For middle-aged and elderly people, you may wish to drink some laxative teas that help to improve constipation, such as < strong>Hemp seed and mulberry leaf tea, this tea is mainly made from herbal ingredients of the same origin as hemp seed, mulberry leaf, cassia seed, hawthorn, licorice, etc., according to the recipe Drink as a tea bag soaked in water.

In addition to the above six performances, there is another performance that is also very important, that is, the legs are flexible, the legs and feet are flexible, and it is easy to climb the slope, indicating that the bones Strong, with better nervous system function.

If you account for all of these performances, it means that your health is enviable, and you are more likely to live longer.