How to find the other half? Where is the time and place of marriage? See what the experience of the ancestors said

For everyone, marriage is the most important event in life. Some people even say that marriage is the basis for judging a person’s success. So what kind of marriage can last? How can I find the other half that suits me? When can marriage occur?

The so-called marriage means that a man and a woman come together to form a new family . That is, the fusion of one yin and one yang forms a Tai Chi diagram. No matter how they are combined, they must first complement each other to be successful, so the basis of marriage is a combination of one yin and one yang, one strong and one weak, one strong and one soft, big and small.

Before the ancients got married, there was an important link in the marriage. First of all, they had to be well-matched, with the orders of their parents and the words of the matchmaker. It is to write each other’s birthday on red paper and hand it to each other, and put it on an important place at home for three days. If everything is safe within three days, the next step will be carried out. This process is actually the meaning of looking at heaven.

How to find the other half?

People live in the atmosphere on the surface of the earth, and there is a kind of person with the kind of atmosphere. The orientation of celestial bodies affects the changes in the atmosphere, so the power of celestial bodies determines the power of people. One revolution of the Sui Xing around the sky is equivalent to twelve revolutions of the earth, so every thirty degrees of the Sui Xing in its orbit corresponds to one year on the earth.

So the power of the Sui Xing is the foundation of each year. The twelve thirty degrees of the Sui Xing are the twelve zodiac years. The basic power brought by each year is different, so the zodiac has become the premise for people to find their other half. That is to say, the zodiac signs must be compatible with each other, that is, the annual branches must be compatible or be born with each other.

Of course, the zodiac sign is just the combination of each other’s basic strengths, at any time of the year The point is the continuous subdivision of the power of the stars of the year. For example, this year is the Year of the Tiger, and the first month means that Sui Xing has just entered the time of analyzing wood, and the sun is in the time of Xie Zi. The year star in June has reached the middle of the time of analyzing wood, and the sun is in the time of quail fire.

So the month is a subdivision of the power of the age star, and the hour is another subdivision to more accurately reflect the characteristics of the power at a certain moment. Therefore, the zodiac signs are only approximate, and the time can truly reflect whether they are suitable for each other. In time, the earthly branch of the day represents marriage, and any power that fits this position is when the other half appears.


For example, the Wuchen day of the ugly moon, the Chentu of the earthly branch is the position of marriage, and Chen Zhongzang Guishui is his wife. However, if the ugly time is broken, then the ugly soil must be suppressed in order to vacate the place for marriage. Obviously Wutu is more prosperous during the ugly moon, which is the last month of winter and the coldest time, so fire is needed to warm it up.

Siyou and Chou are three-in-one, so Sihuo can live in this ugliness together, and then the position of marriage can be vacated, which is when time appears. For example, on Ziyue Mao day, you need to use ugly soil to live in Zishui to vacate the marriage seat. If it is the Xu day of Maoyue, when Mao and Xu are in harmony, you need to suppress the power of Maomu at this time, that is, in the year of You, marriage is easy to occur.

So first of all, you need to find the power that is not good for your marriage. When you reach the year when you can suppress this power, it is the time for marriage. So whether two people are suitable or not, it is actually a certain time Is the point of power appropriate or not? If the man needs fire, that is, fire is for use, and the woman can just make fire, that would be better.

Therefore, whether the marriage goes well or not, does not depend on the As far as the zodiac signs are concerned, the zodiac signs can only reflect the basic strength, and the strength reflected at the point of time is the key to mutual compatibility. A prosperous fire needs water, and a prosperous water needs fire, so that a perfect combination can be achieved, one strong and one weak, One strong and one soft is a perfect marriage. That is to say, each other’s strengths can just complement each other.

The folks also have a saying about the orientation of the other half. For example, if you are born on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, and Yin is built on the first month, Chen is the fifteenth digit from the Yin position. Then Chen is in the southeast, and the opposite direction is northwest, so The two directions of southeast and northwest are the best directions for the other half. And the time when marriage appears is when the forces that can break the unfavorable position of marriage appear.