How should patients with cervical spondylosis take personal protection? The doctor tells you: You need to master these 3 skills

Looking down and playing with mobile phones, this is a true portrayal of many young people nowadays, and because of this, more and more young people are diagnosed with cervical spondylosis, and the disease Both the rate and severity are also showing an upward trend. Cervical spondylosis seems to be no serious problem, but once it occurs, it will bring great health hazards to people, and it will also greatly reduce the quality of life.

For cervical spondylosis, the most important thing is to strengthen prevention, and then we need to pay attention to nursing care. Only by paying attention to these aspects can we achieve prevention Before it happens, reduce the harm caused by cervical spondylosis, and even let yourself no longer be troubled by cervical spondylosis. So,What prevention and care methods can reduce the incidence of cervical spondylosis? It is best not to miss these 3 protective tips for cervical spondylosis.

1. Pay attention to the correct posture

Posture is closely related to the incidence of cervical spondylosis, especially the sitting and sleeping postures in daily life Incorrect, it is easy to induce cervical spondylosis. For many young people, they like to lower their heads to play with mobile phones. This habit is very bad. Being a “head lowered family” can easily change the stress on the cervical spine, which will cause compression of the cervical intervertebral disc and degeneration, which eventually leads to into cervical spondylosis.

So, in daily life, maintaining a correct sitting and sleeping posture not only protects the cervical spine, but also protects the lumbar spine, thoracic spine, etc. All have good protection. This kind of posture maintenance is actually an important means to prevent cervical spondylosis.

2. Pay attention to proper exercise

Exercise is very important for human joint care. In the case of maintaining the same posture for a long time, the joints are likely to become stiff, and then induce joint diseases, the most common of which is joint degeneration. The possibility of degeneration in the cervical spine is also very high. Since the cervical spine needs to bear the weight of the head, and the movement of the head exerts different strengths on the cervical spine, the possibility of cervical spondylosis will also vary.

So, whether it’s reading a book or playing with a mobile phone, keep your head moving moderately and do head and neck exercises , can play a certain positive nursing effect on the blood vessels and nerves in the cervical spine. In addition, it can also be combined with other sports, such as yoga, swimming, etc., which also has a positive effect on the prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis.

3. Pay attention to proper physical therapy

For patients who already have cervical spondylosis, but not very serious, they can cooperate with appropriate physical therapy in daily life , such as neck massage, can properly improve the blood circulation in the neck, muscle fatigue, compression of the cervical spine, etc., and can also prevent cervical spine degeneration.

In addition, if some patients often have symptoms such as dizziness and fatigue, they can perform traction exercises under the guidance of professionals. In short, proper traction on the neck, or physical therapy, etc., all have positive effects on improving the adverse reactions of cervical spondylosis.

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