How much identity does this calligrapher have? Come to “Retrospective Exhibition of Shen Yinmo’s Life” to find out→

On November 26, the retrospective exhibition of the life of Shen Yinmo, a famous modern calligrapher in my country, opened at the Merchant Marine Club, Greenland Bund Center . The exhibition systematically reviews Mr. Shen Yinmo’s extraordinary life journey through the changes of modern times and the collision of old and new cultures, and fully demonstrates his outstanding achievements in calligraphy, academics, education, social activities and other fields and his bright and aboveboard personality charm.

For a long time, Shen Yinmo He is well-known for his outstanding achievements in calligraphy. As early as the early years of the Republic of China, he and Yu Youren were called “Shen Shen Bei Yu”. His regular script and running script have a mellow style of calligraphy, ups and downs in his brushwork, and the use of thick and light ink. He has a strong bookish atmosphere and a gentle gentleman’s style. He is unique in the art of modern calligraphy and is deeply loved by many calligraphy lovers. At the same time, Mr. Shen Yinmo is good at innovating in inheritance. He personally advocated the creation of the first calligraphy organization in New China, the “Shanghai Chinese Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Research Association”, and has made indelible contributions to calligraphy research, calligraphy education, and calligraphy popularization.

However, except for calligraphers , In fact, he is also a scholar, poet, educator, and social activist. He has successively taught at Peking University, Beijing Women’s Normal University, Fu Jen Catholic University, and Peking University, and served as the president of Peking University, the director of the Hebei Education Department, and the dean of Kongde School. After the founding of New China, nominated by Premier Zhou Enlai, he was hired as the deputy director of the Central Museum of Culture and History. At the same time, he was also a pioneer in the May Fourth New Culture Movement. He used to be one of the editors-in-chief of “New Youth” magazine, dedicated to spreading new culture, new ideas, and new morality, advocated literary revolution, advocated vernacular writing, and personally created many vernacular poems.


< span class="data-bgcolor--tt-darkmode-bfbeb9">The exhibition is divided into “Great Masters of a Generation – Scholars and Educators”, “May 4th Generals – Pioneers of the New Culture Movement”, “Heavy Words as Mountains – Masters of Modern Calligraphy”, “People as Light as Chrysanthemums – Simple Life of Migrating to Shanghai”, “Admiration for Hundreds of Times – The five chapters including “Promoting Mr. Shen’s Calligraphy Spirit” use numerous historical documents and real objects to comprehensively and three-dimensionally demonstrate the important achievements of Mr. Shen Yinmo as a calligrapher, scholar, poet, educator and pioneer of the New Culture Movement. Especially in terms of calligraphy art, this exhibition collects and exhibits Mr. Shen Yinmo’s original calligraphy works in various periods, including hanging scrolls, hand scrolls, albums, letters, manuscripts, temporary posts and other art forms, and many works are published for the first time.