How much have you stepped on the “pit” of liquor? With these 3 signs, no matter how big the brand is, it is a blended wine

In recent years, the liquor industry has become more and more popular, and the role of liquor in daily life has become more and more obvious. Whether it is in business occasions, daily dinner parties, or even family gatherings, it will appear.

Moreover, the types of baijiu are constantly enriching, and many new brands and faces are pouring into the market, and a hundred flowers are blooming.

So some merchants saw the prosperity of the market and wanted to come in to share a piece of the cake, but they only had profits in their eyes, and they would produce some fake and low-quality wine, and then deceive consumers through fancy packaging.

Many people have stepped on the pit on the road to buy liquor, and bought the so-called high-end liquor at a high price, only to find out that it is only blended with alcohol It tastes almost the same, and you will feel dizzy and headache after drinking it.

So, as a liquor consumer, you must improve your ability to distinguish from the source to avoid buying low-quality and counterfeit wine.

Many people will ask questions. As ordinary consumers of liquor, they don’t have the rich wine appreciation ability and rich wine knowledge like old wine friends. How can they tell whether a wine is good or not? Woolen cloth?

How many “pit” of liquor have you stepped on? In fact, it is very simple, as long as there are these 3 signs, no matter how big the brand is, it is a blended wine.

1. The list of ingredients contains additives

The list of food ingredients is an important indicator for us to judge the composition of food, and it is also necessary for regular food to circulate in the market Yes, liquor is no exception.

So when we buy liquor, we first look at the ingredient list, if there is only grain in the ingredient list of a wine And water, that is pure grain wine, although the type of grain is different, there will be no other additions.

If you see that some wine ingredients list is not so clean, in addition to the two components mentioned above, there are other additives, such as spices, alcohol, etc., it means that this wine is a blended wine, Not worth buying.

2. Implementation standards are GB/T20821, GB/T20822

Liquor has different flavors and types. The implementation standard is a production index that must be marked as required by the state. Consumers can judge the aroma type of a wine and whether it is pure grain wine through the implementation standard.

There are many implementation standards for liquor, and the numbers are also different. However, GB/T20821 and GB/T20822, the two implementation standards, are absolutely not to be purchased, because they are all blended wines, not pure grain wines brewed by solid-state fermentation.

3. Non-alcoholic level

Baijiu is based on color, aroma, There will be a complete and strict grade evaluation based on the comprehensive judgment of taste, quality and other aspects, which are divided into: special grade, excellent grade, first grade and second grade.

Premium wine is the most common wine on the market, and it is the most worth buying, and the second-level wine is also drinkable. If the bottle of a wine is marked as second grade or there is no quality grade at all, it is not recommended to start with it.

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So when buying, we try not to buy any liquor with these three logos on the bottle, no matter how high-end it looks or how cheap it is.

Through the above The method will find that there are many pure grain wines with good quality and affordable prices on the market. For example, this Jun Zhongyuan Private Collection Wine, which often appears in the circle of drinking friends recently, is not only pure grain The wine is good and the price is not high. Many wine lovers often bring it to parties. It is comfortable and not distressing to drink.

This wine It also has a good background. Its brewer is Zeng Chuanzheng, an apprentice of Li Xingfa, the former deputy director of the Moutai Factory, and he has profound knowledge in the field of sauce-flavored wine.

This wine was originally positioned as a >Pure grain wine that ordinary people can afford and drink with confidence. Although the main price is cheap, it can be said that it is quite careful in the brewing process. It adopts Feitian Moutai’s standard brewing, both in raw material selection and technological process. High Require.


The raw material is the unique local Red Tassel Waxy Sorghum, although this kind of sorghum is expensive to use It is relatively high, but it also guarantees the quality of the wine very well.

In terms of craftsmanship, the Daqu Kunsha craft is used. Although the process is cumbersome and complicated, it has laid a good foundation for the quality of this wine. The wine brewed in this way is transparent in body, rich in sauce, soft in the mouth, rich in layers, and bursts of aroma linger around, refreshing and intoxicating.

Because its taste is very similar to Feitian, it is called “Little Moutai”. Maotai-flavored wine has become more and more popular in recent years. If you want to try it, or you are a lover of Maotai-flavored wine, then this wine is undoubtedly a good choice.

No matter how complicated the market is and how cunning the unscrupulous merchants are, as long as we identify carefully, there are still many good wines waiting for everyone to taste. What are some good pure grain wines that you often drink? Welcome to share in the comment area.