How many steps does it take to get an “ID card” for the Siberian tiger? We chatted with the “household registration officer”

In the Siberian Tiger and Leopard National Park, there is a special occupation – the “household registration officer” of the Siberian tiger. The patterns of Siberian tigers are as unique as human fingerprints. The “household registration officer” needs to distinguish between different individuals based on the location, length, width, color and shape of the patterns on the entire body of the Siberian tiger. Draw a family tree”. Duan Lianru, who works at the Scientific Research and Monitoring Center of the Hunchun Branch of the Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park Administration, is in charge of this work.

The Amur tiger is a global biodiversity One of the flagship species under protection, in order to protect the Siberian tiger and its habitat, China has established the Siberian Tiger and Leopard National Park covering an area of ​​more than 14,000 square kilometers and spanning the two provinces of Jilin and Heilongjiang. There are more than 5,000 infrared cameras in the jurisdiction where Duan Lianru works. Every day, she compares hundreds of surveillance images of Siberian tigers.

” ID card ” and “Genealogy” can provide a large amount of basic data for the scientific research and protection of Siberian tigers. The “household registration officer” not only enjoys the fun of “raising tigers in the cloud”, but also devotes himself to the protection of tigers and leopards in obscurity. In recent years, with the improvement of the ecological environment, more and more tigers and leopards have returned. Relevant data show that before the establishment of the Siberian Tiger and Leopard National Park, 33% of Siberian tiger cubs survived to adulthood, and now more than 50% of Siberian tiger cubs can survive to adulthood.

The Siberian tiger does not know On the other side of the infrared camera is a “household registration officer” who cares about them, but Duan Lianru still works hard. “I hope that people and wild animals can live in harmony, and that nature will become more and more beautiful.” Duan Lianru said.

(Xinhua News Agency)