How many people have been cheated by food calcium supplements? Bone soup and shrimp skin are all deceptive, and it will hurt the body if you don’t supplement calcium

Calcium is a trace element that the body needs, and it is also one of the important elements that make up bones. If the body is seriously deficient in calcium, it is very likely that It affects the normal function of the body and will increase the burden on the body in the long run.

So many people in life are actively supplementing calcium for the body to avoid calcium deficiency affecting the body and timely supplement Calcium is very critical, but you should also find a scientific method of calcium supplementation that suits you.

Who is more suitable for calcium supplementation?

  • Pregnant women

Pregnant women are a relatively special group of people. The nutrients in their bodies are not only used by themselves, but also part of them are given to the fetus, so pregnant women should try to keep them in their bodies. Sufficient nutrients, the most important one is calcium. If calcium is deficient, it will lead to abnormal bone conditions in the lower limbs.

  • Middle-aged and elderly< /li>

As age increases and enters middle age, nutrients in the body are lost, and middle-aged and elderly people are more prone to calcium deficiency Osteoporosis or decreased bone density may also occur if calcium is not supplemented in time. Therefore, it is hoped that the majority of middle-aged and elderly people should also supplement calcium scientifically to avoid calcium deficiency.

  • Minors

Minors are a critical stage of growth and development. If the nutrients in the body are insufficient or the nutrition is unbalanced, it is likely to affect the normal development. The lack of calcium in minors will affect the height, so it is also very important to supplement calcium for your children. I hope you can Get this right.

Should I choose calcium tablets or food supplements for calcium supplementation?

In the process of calcium supplementation, some people will choose to take calcium tablets, thinking that the effect of calcium supplementation in this way is more obvious and more direct. People will choose to eat calcium tablets, they feel that eating calcium tablets is more helpful for the calcium element in it to be utilized by the body.

In fact, both methods are It can supplement calcium, but it is indeed more straightforward to supplement calcium by eating calcium tablets. It does not mean that food supplements are not good for calcium supplements, but because many people may enter into misunderstandings when choosing food supplements for calcium.

For example, some foods seem to supplement calcium, but if they are eaten regularly, they will not achieve the expected calcium supplement at all effects, and may also harm your health. For example, the following foods are likely to lead people into misunderstandings.

How many people have been deceived by calcium supplementation in food? Bone soup and shrimp skin are all deceptive, and they will hurt their health if they do not supplement calcium

1. Bone broth

In most people’s cognition Among them, bone soup can supplement calcium, especially the older generation believes that bone soup is not only high in nutritional value, but also a perfect food.

Bones do contain a certain amount of calcium, but the calcium element in it generally exists in a large molecule, and it is difficult to be absorbed and utilized by the body after entering the body. If things go on like this, it may lead to The calories and fat enter the body.

2. Shrimp skin

Some people have heard that eating shrimp skin can also relieve As far as the effect of calcium supplementation is concerned, shrimp skin is a seafood with delicious taste, and it does contain a certain amount of calcium, but it is not recommended to supplement calcium by eating shrimp skin.

Because the sodium content in shrimp skin is also very rich, if you often eat rubber, it is easy to cause sodium to stimulate the blood vessels and increase the burden on the kidneys.< /span>

3, sesame paste

Adding sesame paste to the cold salad can make the food taste more delicious, so this is also an indispensable condiment in our life. Sesame paste is made by grinding sesame seeds.

There is indeed a certain amount of calcium in sesame seeds, but after processed into sesame paste, its oil content will continue to rise High, so if you often eat sesame paste to supplement calcium, it may lead to excessive accumulation of fat, which is not conducive to cardiovascular health.

Calcium tablets on the market today range from tens to hundreds of yuan. What is the difference between these changes?

Some families with old people or children may often buy calcium tablets to eat, hoping to achieve the expected calcium supplement effect.

Because people don’t know much about calcium tablets, they often ask the pharmacy staff when buying calcium tablets , I hope they recommend products with better absorption rate for themselves.

Generally, pharmacies Professionals often recommend expensive products to customers, so this also forms such an idea in people’s minds that the more expensive calcium tablets, the better the effect of calcium supplementation.

Although there are many expensive calcium tablets on the market, those tens of yuan calcium tablets are still What is the difference between calcium tablets that cost tens of yuan and calcium tablets that cost hundreds of yuan?

In recent years, with the concept of health care deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, many people in daily life are also very concerned about health preservation, and through various Ways and means to maintain the body, so health care products have also attracted people’s attention.

Those hundreds of dollars of calcium Tablets, in addition to containing calcium, also contain other nutrients, so the price is expensive, but these calcium tablets are getting closer to the nature of health products.

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So if you just want to supplement calcium, choose dozens of pieces Qian’s calcium tablets are also completely enough, of course, the purchase of calcium tablets should also be selected according to the needs of your body.

Supplementing calcium in time can avoid calcium deficiency in the body, and can also prevent a series of bone and joint diseases from coming to your door, so I hope everyone can be correct When looking at this matter, don’t think it is troublesome or a waste of money. After all, no amount of money can buy good health.