How many buckets and dustpans do you have on hand? See “Dou” to know wealth? Chinese Academy of Sciences discovers genetic mystery

I don’t know if you have a “bucket” and a “dustpan” in your hands when you were young. If someone has more “buckets” in his hands, he is “rich and fortune”, and Some people don’t have a single “fight”, and they feel very sad in their hearts.

Until they grow up, many people will believe in the argument of fighting and dustpan, and feel that they are destined to have no money. But you know what? The pattern on the finger pulp has nothing to do with the skin. As early as your embryonic period, the development of your limbs determines how many dustpans you have.

People’s fingerprints will not be repeated, so they can rely on fingerprint identification and drawing, because fingerprints and people’s identity are one-to-one, but people After summarizing, it is also found that although the above patterns are different, there are basically two types, namely bucket type and dustpan type.

What is the mystery of the pattern on the finger? What is the hidden meaning? And what does it have to do with the human body? Is there an unknown connection to heredity, genes, and health?

Some people say that the fingerprint is on the belly of the finger, so what it looks like must be related to the skin. In fact, it really has nothing to do with the skin. what does it matter.

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that although it grows on the skin and is formed before we are born, what does it look like? , There is a bucket or a dustpan, which is actually related to the development of the limbs.

Simply put, fingerprint genes do not directly affect patterns, but reflect patterns through limb development. look.

In addition, the pattern is also related to the length of fingers and palms. If you find yourself with more dos on your hands, your index finger will be longer.

Therefore, I can no longer say that I have more buckets in my hands in the future, and I will be rich and rich in the future. There is no scientific basis. However, some people are born without fingerprints because they have dermatophytes and lack the genes that produce patterns. Of course, such people are more No, most people have fingerprints.

After taking a long bath, my fingers Wrinkled skin on top, what’s going on?

In fact, this is related to the evolution of human beings. In primitive society, human beings do not have gloves, shoes and socks, so it is very inconvenient to walk in the rain, and it is easy to slip and fall. It has evolved a skill, that is, “wrinkling”.

wrinkled fingers have greater friction when grasping and grasping objects , not easy to fall off, more convenient to move around, even if the surrounding is wet, you can move around.

So no fuss about seeing wrinkled hands in the futureIt’s evolution product. However, some people think that this is because the oil on the skin is lost by the blisters, and the inner layer is full of water, and the upper and lower layers are inconsistent, so it will become wrinkled.

No matter which way you say it, in short, when you see your skin wrinkled, you should get out of the water as soon as possible, whether it is It’s not a good idea to take a bath, swim, or do laundry for too long.

If you want to know whether you are healthy or not, what should you look for without looking at your fingerprints?

Nail caps – brittle, discolored, black lines

Brittle nails, possibly excessive manicurethinning, or Dehydration and iron deficiencycaused, and should be replenished in time. If it becomes brittle and still delaminates, turns yellow, and produces powder, it may be fungal infection, and it should be treated in time. In addition, whether the nail surface is smooth and shiny can also indicate internal problems in the body, such as lack of certain nutrients, and obvious black lines under the nails may be cancerous< /strong>Signal.

Finger joints – redness, heat, pain

Thumb joint won’t stand up, may be tenosynovitis; multiple joints are swollen, like inside stone, and severe pain, may be Tophi. In addition, psoriasis, arthritis may also cause joint pain.

Palm – Thenar redness

There are flaky erythema on both sides of the palm, which will change color when pressed, and then turn red again, pay attentionCheck the liver, maybe the liver is not good. You can check the liver function first, then do the B-ultrasound, step by step, and don’t ignore it because the body has no symptoms.

If the argument about buckets and dustpans has no basis, then if you want to know whether you are healthy or not, you should pay attention to observation< span>Nails, joints, palms, which may indicate sub-health, and should be checked as soon as possible.

Knowledge Extension: What else is there to say about longevity and wealth?

A single long eyebrow is enough for a thousand grains

In the eyes of the older generation, long eyebrows are a symbol of longevity, implying that the elderly can live a hundred years without changing any amount of food. Of course, this statement is unreasonable. The length of eyebrows has nothing to do with longevity. If you find that your eyebrows suddenly become smaller, or suddenly turn white , to attract attention, it may be sick.

You can’t buy old and thin

Lean old people will give people the illusion of health and longevity, thinking that he is not easy to get sick and will not have chronic diseases. In fact, this is also everyone’s problem. misunderstanding. Older people who are too thin are at high risk for sarcopenia, fractures, and also Fatty liver, high blood pressure and other problems should be fattened appropriately, and the appetite should be better, and the ability to resist risks will be better.

Blessed are those with big earlobes

It is unreliable to look at the lifespan only from the length of the earlobe, because lifespan is affected by many aspects. Even if the earlobe is small, as long as you can maintain it, have regular physical examinations, and live a healthy life, you can live longer. Instead of worrying about the size of the earlobe, it is better to focus on hearing problems. If you find hearing loss, there is often humming sound, pay attention to checking. Usually, you can rub and rub your ears, which has the effect of massage and maintenance.

I believe that through research, people will discover more mysteries about fingerprints and explore its relationship with health, genes, and diseases, but no matter what In this way, fingerprints cannot determine a person’s wealth and destiny. If you want to achieve yourself, you must work hard and work hard, instead of counting a few “fights”.


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