How long can you live after a heart stent? Doctor: It is not the bracket that supports life, but the rules

There are some rules in life It is used to restrain others, and some rules are used to save oneself.
——Heart Road Stardust
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Article author: Ji Wenyang reading and audio production: Chen Sitong
Source: Xinlu Stardust

Last week , Lao Li came for a follow-up visit, feeling very depressed, hesitant to speak.

Lao Li was sent to the emergency department by his family two months ago due to sudden chest pain for two hours, Patients with chest pain, so they all took the green channel of “Chest Pain Center”. In a short period of time, they were diagnosed with acute anterior wall myocardial infarction. After obtaining the consent of Lao Li and his family members, they were quickly sent to the cath lab for emergency stenting. Operation.

Because the blocked blood vessel is It was opened quickly, so Lao Li didn’t have any complications, his symptoms were obviously relieved, and he recovered and was discharged soon.

Today is his 3rd visit for a follow-up visit.Thank you so much for both visits happily, but today seems to be in a bad state.

Is there chest tightness again? Is there a heart failure? …these thoughts popped into my head quickly.

At this time, Lao Li took out his mobile phone and opened an article for me to read. He Ask me: If you didn’t put the stent in the first place, would you live longer?

I I was taken aback, where did this start? After picking up the phone and reading this article, I realized why.
It turns out that this article said throughout: “The bracket was eliminated by foreign countries in the 1970s, and the article Zhong also vowed that after the stent is placed, the general life expectancy is only two or three years, and even if it survives by chance, the stent will need to be replaced.”
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I was dumbfounded. This article quoted classics and various English documents to support it. I almost believed what I said. The author’s writing skills are really admirable for being able to speak rumors so much like the truth.

At the end of the article, I found out that this is an article promoting health care equipment and medicine, read The volume actually reached 80,000.

According to the article

This is a nano heart disease treatment device made with the latest quantum aerospace technology Jointly recommended by Nobel Prize winners in medicine, it is the gospel of heart disease patients in the 21st century.
To achieve the best effect, another natural medicine processed by quantum technology should be used for 3 months The blood vessels are completely opened, and the walls of the blood vessels are as smooth as new. The effect is better than that of stents, but there are no side effects of stents.

I looked at Lao Li and felt very depressed. How can I say that Lao Li is also a retired cadre, and he has seen the world, How can educated people believe these liars?

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About the heart stent, there have been many rumors on the Internet, specious, often Rumors are interspersed with some scientific truths, making it difficult for ordinary people to distinguish true from false.

After the heart stent is implanted, not to mention the Germans, even the Germans from Mars will not be able to take it out.

The following are all rumors

Actually, the technology of heart stents only began to appear in the early 1980s. The method is to implant stents in the narrowed areas of the coronary arteries to stretch the narrowed blood vessels to improve the blood supply to the heart muscle.< /span>

At present, cardiac stents are constantly being updated, and the probability of restenosis is getting smaller and smaller, while drug balloons and absorbable stents are also It has been gradually applied clinically, of course, it has its corresponding indications, not all coronary stenosis is applicable.

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According to US media reports

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Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was implanted in New York due to chest pain in 2010 two coronary stents.

In 2013, former US President Bush Jr. received coronary artery stent surgery because of coronary artery disease.

2019 U.S. Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Sudden Chest Pain During Campaign Speech Implanted with 2 Hearts stand.

After knowing these facts, we can clearly distinguish that the so-called “bracket is a technology obsolete abroad” is a rumor. It is very simple. The United States may put dozens of Put the things that were eliminated years ago on the president? These presidents are all rich, and they cherish their lives very much. After they finished the scaffolding, they still went around campaigning and giving speeches.

How long can I live after putting a stent? Many people are also very concerned. After all, this is related to their vital interests. Many people are worried after finishing Baidu, thinking that their lives are not long.

For coronary heart disease, regardless of whether there is a stent or not, it is necessary to take regular medication, such as anti-platelet therapy and statin drug therapy, and also need to control blood pressure, heart rate, etc., if there is no Regular treatment, then the blood vessels are prone to stenosis or blockage.

After acute myocardial infarction, after the stent is implanted to open the blood vessel, if there is no regular medication, the position of the stent will also be narrowed again, because the risk factors of coronary heart disease and vascular disease have not been eliminated. , Only through regular drug treatment can the risk factors be controlled.

Of course, not all patients with coronary heart disease need stents, and not all If the narrowness is narrow, you need to put a stent, and the sooner you install it, the better.
Generally, patients with ischemic symptoms whose vascular stenosis reaches 75% may need stent treatment, and the specific need is based on comprehensive judgment of the condition. At present, there are strict regulations on indications in China.

< section>With the continuous development of new medical technologies, absorbable stents can be selected for some stenosis, and drug balloons can be used for some stenosis instead of implanting stents.

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So, what to do in case of high-risk chest pain?

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1. Please immediately Dial 120 and get treatment within 120 minutes for gold.

2. Refer to nearest chest pain center for treatment if possible , Choose emergency interventional treatment or thrombolysis to open blocked blood vessels, this is up to the doctor to judge.

Don’t panic at this time, but you must remember, don’t hesitate, don’t procrastinate, listen to the doctor’s explanation clearly, sign and agree to the operation as soon as possible, otherwise the longer the delay, the greater the danger, and after the rescue , the higher the chance of complications such as heart failure.

Not everything will be fine after the stent operation. You must know that coronary heart disease requires long-term and regular medication.

How long can I live after stent surgery?

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In fact, it largely depends on the control of risk factors such as coronary heart disease Whether it is good or bad depends on the standardized treatment, or whether the treatment follows the rules.

In life, there are many rules that are established by convention, and many rules must be followed. If you do not obey the rules, such as running a red light, such as jumping in line, such as bullying , Of course, once or twice may not cause any problems, but what about every day?

The same is true for the treatment of coronary heart disease.

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So we need to know the following 4 points:

1. Heart stent implantation is not once and for all. Coronary heart disease is a chronic disease. Many blood vessels also have lesions, so standardized drug treatment is very important.

2. To develop good living and eating habits, many people usually have high salt, heavy fish and meat, Unrestrained smoking and alcoholism are important reasons for the high incidence of cardiovascular diseases. In our country, more patients die from cardiovascular diseases than from cancer. This needs everyone’s attention.

3. To reasonably control high-risk factors, such as hypertension, diabetes, which are closely related to the occurrence of acute myocardial infarction, However, the control rate of hypertension and diabetes in my country is quite low, which also leads to a high incidence of stroke and myocardial infarction.

4. Maintaining a good attitude is also very important in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Bad emotions, depression, anxiety And so on, may lead to the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

In 2004, academician Zhong Nanshan also released a A heart stent, and then he also reflected on it and got rid of his bad living habits. 16 years have passed, and this well-deserved winner of the Medal of the Republic is still fighting in the front line of the fight against the epidemic.

The article read by Lao Li is quite read, and I don’t know how much it has been poisoned The crowd, in fact, their ultimate goal is to cheat money.

If Lao Li had read this article before the onset of myocardial infarction, I guess it would be a big deal There is a high probability that he will refuse this life-saving stent operation, at least it will be delayed for a long time, and the final price will be his own health.

passed My explanation, Lao Li also felt that this article was full of loopholes, and it seemed much more relaxed, and he started talking and laughing again. I am also very satisfied with the successful science popularization this time.

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When he was leaving the door, Lao Li turned his head and asked He said: Dr. Ji, if I buy some of this medicine and take it together, will it be better?

I (vomit three liters of blood):……


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