How is an anal fistula bleeding?

Anal fistula is a very troublesome disease in daily life. Anal fistula will cause pus and bleeding. If it is confirmed as anal fistula, surgical treatment can be chosen. However, there are many things to pay attention to after the operation, such as eating more mung beans, radishes and wax gourd, and developing a good habit of defecation. Will anal fistula bleed? The main symptom of anal fistula is that pus and pus and blood flow out from the skin around the anus continuously. This situation is like our house is broken and water flows out continuously. Therefore, suffering from this disease is very troublesome, but we can choose surgical treatment. After the operation, we should pay attention to the following items, so that anal fistula can be completely cured.

1, patients with anal fistula must develop good The living and eating habits, because the body’s dampness and heat have a certain relationship with the occurrence of anal fistula. Greasy food is easy to generate dampness and heat, so you can’t eat too much, especially peppers and seafood. Food can make the condition worse.

2, in daily life, patients with anal fistula also need to eat more foods that are rich in vitamins, such as wax gourd, mung beans, Carrots and such. In addition, drinking plenty of water can help regulate the function of the intestines.

3, if the anal fistula cannot be cured, this situation is a deficiency syndrome, and you can eat more protein-containing meat in your diet , such as lean meat and beef, mushrooms and so on.

4, we must develop a good habit of defecation, and keep the anus clean after defecation every day, which is very effective in preventing anal fistula helpful.

Anal fistula will have pus and bleeding. If it has been confirmed that you have anal fistula, surgery is recommended. If surgery If it is not timely, it is easy to turn a simple anal fistula into a complicated anal fistula, and the operation will become more complicated and painful. We should also pay attention to correct care after surgery, so as to keep anal fistula away from us. If the anal fistula continues to bleed continuously, it will lead to anemia, so it must be treated in time.