How does the skin get scarred? Dr. Jinan Fukang Zhongyan: In the face of scars, do 3 things

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The human skin can be divided into three layers: epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue from outside to inside. Generally speaking, if the wound is deep and damages the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, it is easy to form scar tissue during the repair process. This is because after the body is injured, fibroblasts and capillaries near the wound will continuously replenish collagen fibrin to fill the vacant part.

But in order to quickly fill the wound, they are not carefully “repaired” as they were, which results in scarring that is not quite the same as the surrounding skin.

How are scars formed?

1. Hypertrophic scars

These hypertrophic scars are generally the healing of deep skin wounds It is most common in burn patients or in wounds after skin incisions and sutures.

Its shape is prominent and irregular, it is simple, flushed and bloodshot. Symptoms worsen and healing takes longer when the patient becomes emotional or eats foods that affect him.

2. Pimple scars

This kind of scar is formed because a large area of ​​the skin is traumatized or eaten by insects and is vaccinated. The recovery period may feel itchy and the scars are hard but elastic.

Some will fall off automatically after a period of time, but some scars will leave marks and even hereditary.

3. Superficial scars

Superficial scars are scars on the surface of the skin that appear after minor abrasions of the skin.

Although it may look different from normal skin, it generally does not interfere with the patient’s normal life and heals quickly. And it goes away over time, and patients generally do not need treatment.

The three major hazards of sunken scars?

1. The influence of beauty, trauma.

The exposed scars of depression cause huge psychological pressure, inferiority complex, unwillingness to communicate with others, and reluctance to participate in social activities, which seriously affects their work, study, and life, leading to isolation. , low self-esteem, depression tendencies.

2. Cause other complications.

Scar formation may have different degrees of subjective symptoms, including itching, stinging or burning. Irritability or partial allergies, etc., these patients even have obvious tenderness.

3. Affects function

From a functional point of view, the concave scars near the joints of the limbs will affect the activities of the limbs, resulting in joint movement disorders and even deformation. For example, scars in the mouth can affect eating, scars outside the eyes or eyelids can affect vision, nostrils can affect breathing, scars on the upper extremities can affect extension and flexion of the upper extremities, etc.

What should we do in the face of scars?

1. Take precautions

Most scars are caused by injuries, so you should pay attention to avoid injuries in your daily life; Anti-inflammatory treatment, severe cases should go to professional institutions for treatment in time.

2. Timely treatment after scar formation

Don’t worry too much after scar formation, find an institution with special scar diagnosis and treatment qualifications for scientific and standardized diagnosis and treatment, and the current scar removal technology is very mature , It is very important to choose a professional medical institution.

3. The key to repairing scars is the right method

For the repair of keloids, Shenzhen Fukang Dermatology Specialist adopts the “Comprehensive Multi-Dimensional Scar Removal System”, which combines multiple scars The repair method, according to the cause of the scar and the condition of the skin damage, scientifically classify, classify, and stage the scar, and formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan, so that the scar gradually softens and fades, and the scar pigment is lightened until it is close to normal skin, so as to avoid repeated scar treatment.

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