How does the epidemic look at the cabin, the Shanghai cabin has begun to “bed waiting for people”

You can feel how far Shanghai has come to fight the epidemic in the cabin. When you first entered the cabin, the huge space was filled with beds waiting for patients, although it was Empty, but filled with pre-war tension. Later, I began to accept patients, but I became more stable. Because the patient came, I knew that things had moved forward, that everyone had a place to be placed, and the anti-epidemic entered the fast lane. Later, the medical team supported by the whole country came, and we started to switch defenses and build new shelters. We felt even more that our speed of catching up with the epidemic has accelerated, and we will soon rush to the front to stop the epidemic. , victory will always come. Then it was still the treatment and isolation of infected people. After two days, some people turned negative and went home. I saw their smiles when they left the cabin, and the total number of infected people on the news every day was decreasing. of the epidemic.

Now the square cabin has begun to be unsatisfactory. Although we have not slackened, we still accept patients every day, but the number of people leaving the cabin is constantly increasing, and the difference between the two is often 20-50 people. The most worrying elderly people have also been discharged from the hospital. The oldest 99-year-old was also picked up by the car. There were also some younger brothers and sisters in their 70s and 80s who went back to the nursing home with her. We have had empty beds waiting for a while.

There are also some volunteers in the cabin. There is one special person. He is a young and sunny guy from Xiamen. Instead, he worked more actively than before. In his words, he entered the core area to provide support. He also turned overcast two days ago and went back. This is an unforgettable life experience in his life.

Everything is getting better. If it is not as bad as imagined, of course there are still many people living in difficulties, especially some inconveniences brought about by the lockdown. I believe that although the epidemic may recur , but there is light ahead.