Hot dog health must know! Sanfu health should not be greedy for coolness. Chinese medicine advocates “Ziwu sleep” [Xinmin Health]

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As the saying goes Said: “Cold in Sanjiu, hot in Sanfu.” After “Entering Fu”, the bitter summer with the highest temperature in the year hit. This is the hottest, most humid day of the year. People will feel sluggish, weak in limbs, loss of appetite, and low efficiency. How can we spend the dog days comfortably and healthily? How to keep healthy in dog days?

Sleep well on dog days with a “midnight nap”

In terms of work and rest, we should pay more attention to regular work and rest. Traditional Chinese medicine advocates “midnight sleep”, noon (11:00-13:00) nap for 20-30 minutes; Children (23:00-1:00)It is best to rest before 24:00 to ensure adequate sleep.

Sanfu beware of heatstroke and colds

In many people’s minds, it is easy to suffer from heatstroke when working under the hot sun , In fact, in an environment with high temperature and poor ventilation, the human body is most vulnerable to the invasion of summer heat. In a high temperature environment, it is particularly important to maintain ventilation.

Those who travel frequently in high temperature environments and low temperature air-conditioned places are more likely to suffer from heat and humidity. Cold, when people walk outdoors on a hot day, the sweat glands on the skin open wide, suddenly enter the air-conditioned environment, at this time, the heat in the body has not had time to be exhausted, and the cold suddenly hits, it is very easy In case of various discomforts and symptoms, Futian should not be greedy for air-conditioned rooms. In addition, blowing electric fans for a long time and taking cold showers to cool down can easily lead to the common cold and various diseases.

Don’t be greedy for the cold in three volts

The body is the heaviest in summer,