“Hit the cat” continues to act! Zibo Mobile helps the police to destroy telecommunications fraud dens

In recent years, Zibo Mobile has attached great importance to cracking down on telecommunications and network fraud crimes, insisting on people-centered, making every effort to ensure social security, and resolutely guarding the “money bags” of the people.

Recently, under the technical guidance of Shandong Mobile, Zibo Mobile cooperated with the Zibo Public Security Bureau to track and analyze abnormal clues, helping the police quickly arrest criminal suspects, and finally found out in Zhangdian District and Jingkai District Squatting and arresting 5 criminal suspects, seizing 10 “cat-related” card equipment, and successfully destroying 3 dens suspected of telecommunications fraud.

It is reported that the destroyed Fraud dens provide voice services for overseas online fraud gangs through a remote software device connection to make illegal profits. This device has low construction costs and great harm, and is already one of the mainstream methods of fraud. Zibo Mobile continues to promote the deepening and implementation of the “cat hunting” work, giving full play to its technological advantages, and the police and enterprises have joined forces to build a “protective wall” against fraud and contribute to the construction of a safe Zibo.