High blood pressure, a prescription widely circulated in the circle, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, people will naturally wake up

We can try to imagine why do people have high blood pressure? Each of us has a different body, that is to say, the constitution, which means that the blood pressure is different due to the constitution of the person . In fact, I have encountered many hypertensive patients. They have no abnormality in their bodies at the beginning, and they feel comfortable all over. They just go for a physical examination unintentionally. They say you have high blood pressure and ask him if he is dizzy? Not dizzy; uncomfortable? Not uncomfortable. How do you feel? I don’t feel anything. I didn’t take it seriously until later when the sick prisoner showed up, feeling weak, lack of energy, dizzy, even walking in severe cases Feeling dizzy.

In fact, when it comes to high blood pressure, especially middle-aged and elderly people, I have deep feelings. Measure blood pressure every day, measure blood viscosity for five days, and often have dizziness. What is the root cause of high blood pressure? Or vascular blockage, Too much garbage in the blood vessels will cause blood stasis, which will hinder the normal operation of Qi and blood. When Qi and blood cannot pass through the stasis and reach various parts of the body smoothly, the heart will instinctively pressurize In this way, it will put pressure on the blood vessels, and the blood pressure will increase.

So the treatment of high blood pressure still needs to dredge the blood vessels, clean the blood vessels, and clean up the garbage in the blood, so that our blood pressure will Back to normal. In fact, clinically there are many reasons for blood vessel blockage, it may be blood deficiency, it may be phlegm dampness, it may be the dead blood stasis of aging, or it may be qi deficiency, etc., but The final result will be blood stasis, that is to say, no matter what the reason is, the blood vessels will be blocked in the form of blood stasis. Therefore, one of the most important means of Chinese medicine to regulate high blood pressure is activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis.


Having said so much, I would like to share with you a treatment of high blood pressure Fangzi——three-way soup

Composition: Danshen, Chuanxiong, Pueraria lobata, Guizhi, licorice, ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, Schisandra, Atractylodes macrocephala, Poria cocos.

Santong Decoction is a wonderful prescription for curing diseases summed up by doctors of all ages in the actual diagnosis and treatment process. This soup formulaIn fact, it is a combination of four classic Chinese medicine prescriptions: Sijunzi Decoction, Guizhi Gancao Decoction, Shengmai Decoction and Tongmai Decoction. The combination of these four famous prescriptions not only solved the problem of the passage of Qi and blood, but also solved the problem of the power of Qi and blood, and also solved the problem of Qi and blood. The problem of blood storage,

The mystery of the three-way soup is that it contains Schisandra and Radix Ophiopogon japonicus. Schisandra chinensis, can astringe and astringent, so that people’s ginseng can nourish qi and not be too strong, and Ophiopogon japonicus can nourish blood, blood can restrain qi. The most important thing is that there are already ingredients in it that promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis to dredge blood vessels. That is to say, dredging the blood vessels comes first, followed by replenishing qi. If the blood vessels are unobstructed and there is no blockage, replenishing qi will not cause blood pressure to rise, because the replenished qi will flow freely in the blood vessels.

A patient was very excited on the phoneThey told me that their whole family is drinking three-way soup, and my father has recovered from high blood pressure after drinking it. The blood pressure is normal after three months of stopping the medicine. My uncle drank the three-way soup for more than 10 days and reported that his blood pressure dropped, he was no longer dizzy, and his tinnitus was 80% better. I also drank it for more than 2 weeks and wanted to treat my shoulder and neck. The biggest improvement is that my spirit is very good and my head is no longer dizzy. However, Santong Decoction is not able to rule all high blood pressure, such as hypertension caused by excessive liver fire and liver yang. Santong Decoction is most suitable for elderly people Hypertension due to blood stasis.