Hepatitis B virus carrying is not taken seriously, be careful to deteriorate into liver cancer

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Hepatitis B is a common liver disease. Infectious, many people who do not know much about hepatitis B talk about it, and some hepatitis B virus carriers are also hidden and taboo to avoid medical treatment.

In fact, “desensitization” to hepatitis B has become a national level In addition, hepatitis B patients should pay more attention and receive early treatment. After all, most liver cancers in my country are transformed from hepatitis B.


A 37-year-old business leader, Mr. Zhao, is a good player in work management and business ability. He has become a company executive at a young age. Not long ago, he suddenly felt pain in his liver. He went to the hospital for examination and was told that it was advanced liver cancer, and the cancer cells had spread to important organs such as the heart.

In fact, he knew that he was a hepatitis B virus carrier for a long time, but he never noticed it. Afraid that this matter would be known to others, he always claimed that he was busy during the annual unit physical examination, and deliberately avoided it. In addition to ignoring inspections, as an executive, drinking, socializing, and staying up late to work are essential, which also aggravates the deterioration of the condition. Until one day suddenly liver discomfort, was forced to the hospital. Once checked, it is the most serious advanced stage of liver cancer, which has been unable to recover.

Hepatitis B can be cured if you have it

Don’t give it to yourself and your surroundings People Pressure

” It is a typical taboo to avoid doctors and to be afraid that people around you will wear tinted glasses to look at you, thus delaying the disease. If you had a better understanding of hepatitis B, this situation would not have happened.” said the director of the Department of Hepatology of Guangzhou Harmony Hospital.

The transmission route of hepatitis B is mainly blood and body fluids. . In other words, in life, hepatitis B virus is not easy to spread.

Director said that in addition to transmission through the blood and body fluids, if there is a problem with the gastrointestinal tract, such as etc., may also transmit hepatitis B virus. But in general, hepatitis B virus is not a virus that is easily transmitted. In order to reduce the discrimination against hepatitis B virus carriers, the state also considers that hepatitis B patients are less dangerous to the public, and cancels the two-and-a-half examinations for hepatitis B during the physical examination. Treat hepatitis B disease at will, no matter if it is a normal cityCitizens and patients alike must maintain a normal mind.

Hepatitis B should be treated immediately without delay, let alone mental stress, so as to better face and overcome the disease.

Most liver cancers in my country are transformed from hepatitis B< /strong>The patients mentioned above were transformed into advanced stage of liver cancer due to the long-term delay of hepatitis B. This situation is relatively common in cases of liver cancer.

Therefore, it is easy to change without active treatment after getting hepatitis B Liver cirrhosis, which further deteriorates into liver cancer. In fact, most liver cancers in my country are transformed from hepatitis B. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of liver cancer should start with the prevention and treatment of hepatitis B.

Prevention of hepatitis B mainly starts with vaccination and cutting off the transmission route. The treatment of hepatitis B is a combination of antiviral therapy and long-term immune function therapy.

Because the specific symptoms of hepatitis B are not obvious, regular physical examination is still very important for people who live and eat irregularly, and who have hepatitis B virus carriers in their families and people around them.

>Hepatitis B can be cured

Don’t put pressure on yourself and those around you


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