Hear the order and move, first aid as the vanguard! They go deep into the “epidemic” line to escort life

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< p data-track="7">Deep into the “epidemic” line to protect life

Pre-hospital first aid is the front line.

In addition to dealing with pre-hospital first aid in normalized areas, we also have to deal with the pre-hospital first aid needs of non-infected people in high-risk areas, and even To face the first aid needs of infected people, the pre-hospital first aid tasks of major hospitals have been aggravated, and the difficulty and risk factor are increasing.

The emergency department of our hospital headquarters is a 120 network hospital, and actively responds to the assignment of the 120 command center. Go to high-risk areas to perform tasks. Due to the requirements of the epidemic prevention system and various road conditions after the lockdown, the time to complete the task is longer than the normal dispatch, which undoubtedly increases the pressure of dispatch, but the pre-hospital emergency personnel in the emergency department are not afraid of hardships, Overcoming all difficulties and under the premise of preventing the epidemic from spilling over, the task assigned by the 120 Center was completed.

On the evening of November 13, the emergency department received a dispatch task from the 120 command center to go to Kangle Xiyue Street, Haizhu District to deal with a confirmed positive patient For children with fever, in order to reduce direct contact, the doctor on duty, Dr. Dai Fengxiang, immediately contacted the family members of the call 120 by phone to learn more about the child’s condition, and patiently taught the child when the vital signs of the child were stable The family members used various methods to reduce the fever, and at the same time appease the restless mood of the family members, and finally adopted the method of delivering medicine to the door to deal with this task. After the on-duty medical staff reported to the head nurse, they immediately took precautions and left the car. After several twists and turns, the medicine was finally delivered to the designated place of the patient at the closed control point at the gate of Kangle Primary School, and the director of the neighborhood committee delivered the medicine to the patient according to the requirements.

At 00:59 in the morning, the patient’s family sent a thank you text message, just a few words, which made us feel infinitely gratified. Biggest affirmation.

Family thank you message, message content As “Angel, the medicine has been received. Thank you very much and the driver who came to deliver the medicine, thank you again. May the medical staff have a safe life.”

Pre-hospital first aid is the frontline of the fight against the epidemic. Every train is a safe station in the hearts of the citizens, and every person who leaves the car is an angel in the hearts of the citizens. But every one of us in the emergency room is willing to do our best for the pre-hospital emergency work in Guangzhou, and fight the epidemic together with all departments in the city to protect everyone’s health and safety!

Support Fight the “epidemic” and overcome difficulties together

In November, the epidemic situation in Guangzhou changed rapidly, and all forces were gathered to start the battle. After receiving the support task of the superior to form a new crown medical treatment team, our hospital immediately summoned medical staff to form an anti-epidemic support commando.

After receiving the emergency dispatch notice, Li Hui, Pang Xueli, and Hou Wenmin, the deputy directors of the emergency department, quickly initiated the registration of the department’s anti-epidemic commando On the premise of ensuring the work of the department, 3 doctors and 6 nurses were dispatched to support the scheduling of the Guangzhou Nuclear Yang transfer team, the Guangzhou Nuclear Yang transfer and the city’s eight The isolation ward and the intensive care unit carry out anti-epidemic work, and contribute the strength of the three hospitals to the anti-epidemic.

On August 15, Nurse Pan Xiumei supported the scheduling of the Guangzhou nuclear-yang transfer team

On October 18th, Dr. Cai Jianbin and Nurse Xian Baihu supported the Guangzhou nuclear-yang transfer class

On November 11, nurses Luo Cuifang and Li Dandan supported the work of eight ICUs in the city

On November 14, Dr. Chen Junxiu and Nurse Chen Jialin supported the work in the eighth isolation ward of the city

On November 17, Dr. Chen Kaida supported the work of eight ICUs in the city

November 22, Nurse Liang Jiajun supported the Guangzhou nuclear and Yang transfer team

This support, emergency department, The Department of Critical Care Medicine sent a total of 9 people to support missions. Faced with high-intensity support tasks, the team members stick to their posts, are full of energy, and complete tasks efficiently. Together with colleagues in major hospitals, police officers, grassroots cadres, community workers, volunteers and Guangzhou citizens, they guard the beautiful homeland.

Soon back home!

No complaints and no regrets to support the collection of yellow codes in the hospital

As one of the three 24-hour yellow code collection points in Liwan District, along with the hospital The number of closed and controlled areas in the vicinity has gradually increased, and the nucleic acid collection points of our hospital have also ushered in the peak of nucleic acid collection by yellow code personnel.

In order to cope with the pressure of the collection of yellow code personnel, speed up the collection speed, and prevent the risk of personnel gathering, the nucleic acid collection point of our hospital, in addition to the regular duty, We also urgently recruited shift preparation staff throughout the hospital. Although the hospital colleagues are usually very busy in their respective positions, after hearing the recruitment notice, many people still actively signed up to participate in the work of the nucleic acid collection point in the hospital. Director Li Hui was unable to return home due to the closure of Haizhu District. Taking the hospital as his home, in addition to department management, he also actively signed up for the night shift work at the nucleic acid collection point, ready to support at any time.

The number of people with yellow codes usually increases during the evening peak, and sometimes they line up from the entrance of the nucleic acid collection point to the entrance of the hospital, affecting normal patients’ consultation. Due to various reasons, the health code suddenly turned yellow, and the crowd in the queue was anxious, and it was inevitable that there would be shoving and noise when queuing. When encountering this situation, our staff will patiently explain and guide, maintain the order of the team, and allow nucleic acid testing to be carried out efficiently.

“Received”, “Returning to the hospital immediately”, “Returned”… Many colleagues heard the reinforcement request I gave up the rest time, responded immediately, and returned to the hospital to help with nucleic acid collection. I often worked until nearly 12 o’clock. For the common goal in my heart, no one complained.

The success of the fight against the epidemic Regardless of everyone’s participation and dedication, emergency personnel will always adhere to the principle of “people first and life first”, pay close attention to various measures for epidemic prevention and control, interpret responsibility with perseverance, protect Guangzhou with love, and demonstrate responsibility for first aid with dedication. And move, listen to orders, first aid pioneers and colleagues on other fronts are united to fight against the “epidemic”.

Contribution: Chen Yumei, Ke Jia

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Text editor: Ye Meiqi | Proofreading editor : Li Longhao

Review: Wang Jian | Review and Release: Fan Linyan