[Health] For health care in Changxia, it is advisable to remove dampness and strengthen the spleen

‍Changxia health care should remove dampness and strengthen the spleen

Long Summer Festival refers to the period from late July to early September on the Gregorian calendar, including the four solar terms of Great Heat, Beginning of Autumn, Chushu and Bailu. The Great Heat is the symbol of the hottest season of the year. During this period, there is a lot of rain, and the humidity is high, and the humidity and heat are steamed together, which is easy to form damp-heat disease. Bailu is a symbol of the cooler weather. , prone to cold-damp disease. Whether it is a damp-heat syndrome caused by damp-heat pathogens or a cold-damp syndrome caused by cold-damp pathogens, the disease location is centered on the spleen and stomach. Therefore, during the long summer, dampness easily invades the spleen and stomach, resulting in diseases of the digestive tract.

01 Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Understanding of Dampness

1. The relationship between Changxia Dampness and the spleen and stomach.

In the “Five Elements”, the spleen belongs to earth and corresponds to the dampness of Changxia. The main physiological function of the spleen is to transport and transform, that is, to digest nutrients , Absorption, transport and participation in water metabolism. The spleen and the stomach belong to each other through the meridians and collaterals, forming the relationship between the inside and the outside, and they use each other physiologically and cooperate with each other to complete the tasks of digestion, absorption, and transportation. Pathologically, they affect each other, and often the spleen and stomach have the same disease. Damp-heat pathogens or cold-damp pathogens invade the human body, mainly obstructing the spleen and stomach, causing the damp-turbid phlegm-drinking to stop, and the spleen-stomach-qi stagnation and damp-stagnation. Loose and unpleasant stools or constipation, or burning anus, thick and greasy tongue coating and other symptoms.

< Common clinical wet diseases

(1) External dampness syndrome (surface dampness). Symptoms include aversion to cold and fever, persistent heat despite perspiration, soreness of the head and body, chest tightness, thin white and slippery tongue coating, and a soft and slow pulse. The treatment should be to relieve the exterior and remove dampness, and use Huopu Xialing decoction (usually, Huoxiangzhengqi water is often used). In the case of Bi syndrome dominated by dampness pathogens, the symptoms will be heavy soreness and sleepiness of the limbs, even difficult to turn to the side or swelling, pain in a fixed location, numbness of the skin, etc. The treatment should be to remove dampness, clear the meridians, and activate collaterals.

(2) Internal dampness syndrome. The main clinical manifestations are: inconvenience in urination, greasy fur, and wet pulse, which are mostly caused by spleen dysfunction. If dampness is in the upper burner, the chest and diaphragm will be full and oppressive; if the clear yang is blocked, dizziness and dizziness may be seen; if wetness is in the middle burner, the abdomen and abdomen will be full, inability to eat, nausea, sticky or sweet mouth, heavy limbs, and loose stools Xia benefit; wet injection under the Jiao, then the foot tarsus is swollen, the urination is cloudy, and the women have diarrhea. Treatment should be aromatized and turbid, light infiltration and dampness, and commonly used Sanren Decoction.

02 Preventive health care in Changxia

1. During the long summer period, people who live in wet places for a long time, work on water, work in the field, wading in the rain, and playing in the suburbs should be waterproof and moisture-proof, they should bask in the sun properly, and their clothes should be as loose as possible to reduce humidity. Breathe out.

2. Eat more warm and dry foods, such as water chestnuts, seaweed, jellyfish, loquat, ginkgo, jujube, lentils, red beans, broad beans and ginger, etc., eat less Acidic, cold, frozen, greasy and jerky foods.

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3. Meridians and collaterals. The main acupoints for improving phlegm-dampness constitution are Zhongwan, Shuishui, Guanyuan, etc., and moxa sticks are the most suitable for warming moxibustion. Under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, acupoints such as Sanli, Fenglong, Yinlingquan, Sanyinjiao and Gongsun, as well as the Lung, Spleen, Sanjiao, Kidney and Bladder acupoints on the back can also be used for moxibustion.

03 A few prescriptions for removing dampness and strengthening the spleen

1. Shenling Baizhu Pills (miren, lentils, atractylodes, lotus seeds, tuckahoe, khaoren, tangerine peel, etc. ), suitable for those with symptoms such as postprandial fullness and epigastric discomfort after eating.

2. Hawthorn pills. For those who have no appetite and have a full stomach, taking Hawthorn Pills has the effect of strengthening the spleen and appetizing.


7.Gondron yam and barley porridge. Take 15 grams of Gorgon, 30 grams of barley kernel, 30 grams of yam, 10 red dates, add 1000 ml of water, boil over high heat, simmer for 20 minutes, and eat on an empty stomach. This is suitable for those who “spleen and stomach are affected by dampness, sleepy and incapacitated, lazy and addicted to lying” mentioned in “Danxi Heart Method”, and it has the effect of eliminating phlegm-dampness and drowsiness.


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