Have you bought Lianhua Qingwen today?

A: Did you buy Lianhua Qingwen today?< /span>

B: Lianhua Qingwen ? Are you talking about drugs or stocks?

1. A farce

A lot of patients came to the clinic today to buy Lianhua Qingwen Granules , because Lianhua Qingwen in Shijiazhuang was sold out, the stock of Yiling Pharmaceutical once approached the daily limit.

This has caused a new wave of panic buying in the Chinese people.

Complacent to grab the goods, Those who couldn’t get it beat their chests and stomped their feet, like a war without gunpowder.

In fact, you don’t need a professional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine , even a fan who has a little knowledge of Chinese medicine can easily make a decision between “grab” and “not steal”.

Lianhua Qingwen is not Special medicine, it is just an ordinary member of countless cold medicines, It is no different from Ganmao Qingre Granules, Qingkailing Granules, or Kugan Granules.

It’s just a little louder , the scope of its treatment is also very limited, wind-heat cold has its place, wind-cold, phlegm-dampness, damp-heat, these types of cold, eating will only aggravate the symptoms and delay the disease.

2. Parents

When he saw this absurd scene of panic buying, the words popped out of the doctor’s mind, “If you are a parent, you don’t know the doctor is not kind; if you are a child, you don’t know the doctor, it is not filial.”

Everyone is rushing to stock up, Give some to parents, give some to children, and keep some for yourself. This pharmacy did not move to the next one immediately. Those who got the medicine felt a sense of accomplishment. They felt much thicker when they walked, and they were full of care when delivering medicine to parents.

Everything is doing great except start. If you work hard in the wrong direction, no matter how hard you try, it will be futile.

The ancients said this sentence is very Level, in ancient times when medical conditions were extremely poor, every household had to know some superficial knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine in order to deal with various exogenous infections and injuries. It can solve the problem quickly and cheaply when parents and children have minor illnesses and minor disasters.

The medical condition of modern people seems to be improved Yes, butThe most basic Chinese medicine literacy has degenerated to the point of “drinking ginger when you catch a cold “Brown sugar water” I don’t know anymore.

As a base layer Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the doctor knows how difficult it is to popularize the science of traditional Chinese medicine. In the patient group, almost every day, patients make the mistake of “running a clear nose and eating Lianhua Qingwen”.

There is no distinction between wind-cold and wind-heat, In the eyes of the public, as long as it is a cold medicine, it is always good to take it. What’s more, eating three or four kinds of cold granules is mindless like raising a gu.

The doctor also talked more than once in the group How to distinguish and how to use medicine for simple wind-cold, wind-heat and cold, in the end it is still the same.

This Lianhuaqing The farce of plague is realIt reflects that the public’s cognition of Chinese medicine is completely ignorant.

Lang’s heart is also bursting A little bit of discouragement and disappointment about the future development of Chinese medicine. If Chinese medicine is to develop, the masses are the soil, but looking at it now, the soil is barren, without water, without sunlight, and it is lifeless.

3. Lianhuaqing Plague is a good medicine, but don’t follow it blindly, and don’t praise it indiscriminately

Look at the composition of the medicine, which is the addition and subtraction of Yinqiaosan and Maxing Shigan Decoction. Yinqiaosan is a good recipe, Maxing Shigan Decoction is a good recipe, and Lianhua Qingwen added together is a good recipe, but a good prescription may not be easy to use. A sharp dagger can be a tool to protect oneself, or a weapon to hurt others.

The whole recipe is A pungent and cool prescription, with a cool taste. We can infer that the effect on wind-heat exogenous diseases must be very good, but is the new crown epidemic a “damp-heat epidemic” or a “cold-damp epidemic”? The doctor has never treated patients with new crowns, so he dare not make a conclusion, but someone has been in contact with it, and the doctor quoted itOnce Tong Xiaolin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who went to Wuhan in Hubei, Changchun in Jilin, Anyang in Henan and Zhengzhou to fight against the epidemicViewpoint:

When the epidemic broke out in Wuhan in January 2020, it was winter, and the south was wet and cold The environment is the main factor, and the “severe addiction” of the new crown virus is also low temperature (about 9°C), so the “cold and damp” symptoms of new crown patients in this period are very obvious. In January 2021 and January 2022, I diagnosed and treated patients infected with “Alpha”, “Delta” and “Omicron” in Changchun, Tonghua, Henan, and Zhengzhou, Anyang, respectively. I think that although the virus strains are different, the patients Syndrome manifestations are also different, butyou can still see the basic feature of “cold dampness” at the beginning of the onset . For example, although the tongue coating of many patients is light yellow and thick, the tongue body is not red or dark red. Although they have fever, the heat is not high.This is in line with the characteristics of cold-dampness, closure, heat and dryness. In addition, this feature does not seem to be limited to specific regions and specific seasons. Because I have treated patients with new coronary pneumonia from different countries in different seasons, such as Denmark, the United States, Canada, Russia, Thailand, Iran and other places in the world. Although they come from different countries, they develop in different seasons and are infected with different mutations. Virus strain,But I found that as long as we firmly grasp the main line of “cold and dampness”, and then target the heat ; Qingfei Paidu Decoction is effective in treating different countries, regions, The new crown pneumonia caused by different seasons and different mutant strains has also achieved significant curative effects.This curative effect is Strong evidence for the “cold and damp” attribute of new coronary pneumonia.

This is the There is no doubting the credibility of the words of the experienced TCM doctor. So here comes the question, since the new crown virus is more inclined to “cold and damp disease”, what will happen after eating “Lianhua Qingwen”? The cold adds to the cold, expect it to cure the disease? I’m afraid that “the house leaks when it rains all night, and the boat breaks when it meets the head wind”, the mild disease will turn into severe disease, and all severe cases will be sent away.

Is there any effect, the answer is obvious. But the answer is not important. “Things in the story, say it is, it is not; the things in the story, say it is not, it is not”

Yiling Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of Lianhua Qingwen Capsules, released its first quarter 2020 results According to the forecast, the net profit in the first quarter is expected to be 430 million to 460 million yuan, an increase of 50% to 60% over the previous year.

Not only that, but there are also flag-waving. On March 25, Mr. Zhong revealed that the recovery rate of 284 patients treated with Lianhua Qingwen reached 91.5%.

“Lianhua Qingwen Capsule” It is not according to the syndrome differentiation and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine to give drugs to patients with new crowns, but to recommend drugs according to in vitro research and animal experiments of western medicine. The standard Chinese patent medicine “Lianhua Qingwen Capsule” for COVID-19 patients is not recommended by national Chinese medicine experts, but headed by Mr. Zhong Recommended by the Western medicine team. From SARS to the new crown, it has been more than ten years, and his old man has never said a good word about Chinese medicine, but now he jumps out to say that X-ray medicine has a significant effect, and he would not believe it without a ten-year cerebral thrombosis.

In the end, traditional Chinese medicine is just a puppet for them to sell. Such a strange phenomenon is very similar to today’s entertainment industry. It doesn’t matter whether it is a human or a ghost. The packaging marketing has become an Internet celebrity, and traffic fans are pouring in. Nowadays, Internet celebrities have also played in the life-threatening medical field, and “Lianhua Qingwen” is that colorful puppet. The puppet itself does not move, what matters is the person behind the puppet.

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