“Haunted” by gynecological inflammation? Do these 3 points every day to stay away from inflammation and relax

Gynecological inflammation is actually a general term for a large class of diseases, which can include many parts, such as vulva, vagina, cervix, endometrium, and adnexal parts, etc. .

So, when it comes to gynecological inflammation, don’t think it’s just vaginitis, other parts of the reproductive system have Inflammation can also be included in the category of gynecological inflammation.

So, if you are “ridden” by gynecological inflammation, how should you strengthen prevention and treatment in your life? Do these 3 things well every day, or you can “drive away” the “annoying” gynecological inflammation, so let’s find out.

1. Pay more attention to the hygiene of private parts

To give a simple example, some women often suffer from vaginitis, and just after being cured, they suffer from it again not long after.

In fact, vaginitis, a gynecological inflammation, is very common among women’s gynecological diseases For example, bacterial vaginosis, fungal vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, etc. These inflammations are closely related to women’s personal hygiene, especially the hygiene of private parts.

If you don’t do it properly, it will easily lead to the disorder of the flora in the private parts, and the germs in the outside world will Invasion, which leads to the imbalance of normal vaginal flora, and finally causes vaginal inflammation.

So, if you already have gynecological inflammation, then you should pay more attention to personal hygiene management, not Can have the slightest relaxation.

2. Marital life should be strictly managed< /strong>

Many women obviously pay attention to private hygiene , but still frequently deal with gynecological inflammation, why is this?

In fact, this has a very close relationship with the other half of the woman, especially when it comes to married life Some men will adopt some germs to women because they don’t pay much attention to personal private parts hygiene, which will lead to increased chances of women suffering from gynecological diseases, especially vulvar inflammation and vaginal inflammation.

So, if you already have gynecological inflammation, it is best to slow down your married life. Even in normal times, you should pay attention to the hygiene before and after the married life, so that you can better enjoy the “sexual blessing” brought by the married life.

3. Intervention should be done as early as possible< /strong>

Many women are diagnosed with When you have gynecological inflammation, you may not pay much attention to it, and even take a wait and see attitude.

In fact, this kind of wait and see not only has no effect on the prevention and treatment of gynecological inflammation, but may also delay the treatment , resulting in greatly reduced follow-up treatment effects.

So, for this kind of situation, what everyone needs to do is to intervene as soon as possible, and don’t feel that there is nothing obvious You don’t need treatment if you have symptoms of discomfort. You must know that if you treat it as soon as possible, you can reduce the risk of sequelae, and you won’t regret it by then.

Therefore, early intervention is also an effective protection against gynecological inflammation.

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