Hanting Street: Strictly prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and escort the masses to survive the winter safely

Weifang Daily News from Weifang Financial MediaIn order to ensure the safety of the people during the winter, Hanting Street in Hanting District has firmly established a people-centered development concept in the past few days, and has taken the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning as a practice The specific actions of “people’s livelihood first” have been solidly carried out to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Ideologically “tighten the strings” and attach great importance to cohesion. Hanting Street immediately held a special meeting on the deployment of carbon monoxide poisoning, insisting on early prevention, small prevention, and nip in the bud, and detailed specific measures and tasks from key links such as ideological propaganda, household investigation, and alarm installation Division of labor, completely eliminate work blind spots. In accordance with the system of entrustment of department-level cadres, actively guide the villages (residents) where they are located to carry out work such as surveying, especially for coal-fired heating households.

Volunteers enter households to check for heating Potential safety hazards, publicize the knowledge of preventing carbon monoxide poisoning.

In terms of action, “full bow”, visits, platoons, and rectification. All villages (residents) refer to the “Hanting Street Prevention and Control of Carbon Monoxide (Gas) Poisoning Checklist”, and village (residential) cadres and grid workers carry out “knocking” actions, focusing on the lonely elderly, elderly living alone, and people in temporary difficulties and other vulnerable groups, conduct a comprehensive investigation of the winter heating reserves and safe heating conditions in the jurisdiction, establish a work account for the hidden dangers detected, and immediately rectify the problems found. Count key groups such as people in temporary difficulties in the jurisdiction, the elderly living alone, and the elderly over 60 years old, and distribute and install carbon monoxide alarms for them free of charge to effectively eliminate hidden dangers of heating safety.

The measures are “down to the point” and the atmosphere of publicity and guidance is strong. The villages (neighborhoods) acted quickly, and the grid members went to the shops along the streets and residents in the area under their jurisdiction to carry out extensive publicity, explaining the hazards of carbon monoxide and the key points of prevention to the public in detail, through WeChat public accounts, village sound, property groups, and clear papers. “Online + offline” all-round publicity. At the same time, by distributing clear papers on prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning and on-site explanations at places where people gather such as nucleic acid testing points, comprehensively improve residents’ awareness of safety precautions.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Liu Xiaojie/Text