Hainan Yazhou Bay Seed Laboratory is recruiting postdoctoral fellows and research assistants

▎WuXi AppTec Content Team Editor

“Hainan Yazhou Bay Seed Laboratory” (hereinafter referred to as the “Lab”) focuses on major scientific and technological issues in seed innovation, aiming at major national food security needs and international scientific and technological frontiers, Carry out original innovation of cutting-edge theory, build a scientific and technological innovation platform for the whole industry chain in the agricultural field, and provide strong support for the sustainable development of modern seed industry and agriculture.

In order to attract and bring together outstanding talents from all over the world to carry out research work in the laboratory, postdoctoral personnel and research assistants will be openly recruited in 2022.


(1) Postdoctoral Fellow in Biodiversity

Job Requirements:

1. Under the age of 35, a doctorate degree in a related field or a doctoral dissertation defender (must obtain a doctorate degree in a related field within six months after entering the station);

2. Experience in molecular biology and zoology research is preferred;

3. Have a high level of English (written and spoken), and have published a high level of first authorship in international mainstream journals in the fields of ecology, zoology, remote sensing science or forestry. Academic papers;

4. Good health, love for scientific research, rigorous study style, practical work, proactive, like to engage in biology-related direction, with hard-working, serious and responsible work spirit, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork team spirit.

Postdoctoral treatment conditions:

The annual salary before tax is not less than 250,000 yuan (including social insurance and housing provident fund), and those who meet the conditions can apply for the introduction of talent incentives and apply according to the relevant talent policies of Hainan Province and Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City. Enjoy housing subsidies.

(2) Research Assistant

Job Requirements:

1. Master’s degree or above, with agronomy, biology and other related backgrounds preferred;

2. Proficient in using common office software such as Office, with strong writing ability and Chinese and English expression skills;

3. Collect IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) scientific issues, specialize in conservation biology, summarize the formulation of endangered plant species and conservation methods.

4. Assist in other tasks formulated by PI.


Provide a market-competitive salary, refer to the market salary level of Sanya City and the relevant standards of the National Nanfan Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Sanya, and support the application and identification of Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City High-level Talent Award ( 40-4 million).

Registration process:

We will conduct a preliminary review of the application materials, and further contact those who pass the preliminary review to determine the interview time and other matters. Those who do not pass the preliminary examination will not be notified. Application materials are strictly confidential. The job posting is valid until suitable personnel are recruited.