Gu Yu precautions 7 precautions must be followed in Guyu

The arrival of Grain Rain also means that spring is coming to an end. This solar term is also given a beautiful meaning by the ancients. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, Grain Rain is also a good season for health preservation, but there are many precautions to be aware of. In addition, when maintaining health, it cannot be carried out casually, and there are also precautions for health preservation.

Precautions for Grain Rain

1. Shampoo frequently to prevent hair loss

The temperature will change during Grain Rain If it rises, the humidity will also increase, the hair may secrete a lot of oil, and the hair will become more greasy, which is likely to absorb dust and some allergic substances, which may lead to hair loss, so everyone should wash their hair at this time. The frequency is more frequent than before.

When you wash your hair, the water temperature should not be too high but not too low, just keep it at about 30 degrees, after washing Don’t be too dry when blowing your hair, otherwise it may affect the quality of your hair. We should use less shampoo with more chemical ingredients, otherwise it may irritate the scalp and aggravate the symptoms of hair.

Second, keep warm properly to prevent viral herpes

During the Grain Rain solar term, the day and night temperature may be very high, otherwise it may cause hair damage and make The immune system of the body is out of balance, and this is also the period of onset of herpes zoster and herpes simplex. In life, everyone should add more clothes in the morning and evening to keep warm. Everyone should add more clothes according to the weather changes.

Third, beware of pollen allergies, insect bites and rheumatism

As the weather gradually warms up, people will increase their outdoor activities, so people with allergies should take precautions Skin allergies, eczema, urticaria and other skin diseases. The reproduction and activities of various insects also become frequent in spring. Be careful not to stay in damp and dark places to avoid being bitten by insects, causing local insect bite dermatitis or even severe systemic allergic reactions. When going to the countryside, try to wear long clothes and trousers made of pure cotton for protection.

Fourth, exercise to prevent disease, you can choose walking, jogging, etc.

The Grain Rain season is also spring At the turn of summer, the human body is more likely to sweat after exercising. Slight sweating through walking, jogging, etc. can make the whole body qi and blood comfortable, which is beneficial to improve immunity and prevent diseases. If frequent strenuous exercise leads to profuse sweating, it will easily lead to the consumption of yang qi and yin qi, and the immunity will decrease.

V. Emotional disease prevention, avoid being impatient and irritable in case of trouble

In the Grain Rain season, the liver qi is in season, the liver controls anger, and people’s emotional reactions closely related to the liver. From April to May, people are prone to mood swings, especially those with hyperactive yang are more likely to be irritable and irritable; if there is liver stagnation inside and wind-cold outside, the yang stagnation will often turn into fire.