Grain rain tomorrow! Health care is mainly in these 3 places, good health and less sickness, treasure and tell

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< p data-track="2">The Grain Rain is the last solar term in spring, and the end of the Grain Rain marks the departure of spring.

Gu Yu Grain Rain, just listening to the name, it is a rainy season, and it is also a busy farming season. When the Grain Rain arrives, it will be late spring, the cold wave will basically end, the temperature will rise faster, and with the continuous rain, the temperature and humidity in the air will increase significantly.

At this time, we should also adapt to natural changes, pay attention to the adjustment of daily life and diet, and lay the foundation for a peaceful summer!

These 3 places to keep in good health during the Grain Rain season

1. Joint care

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “wind, cold and dampness are mixed When combined, it is called Bi. The prevailing wind and qi is the motion paralysis, the cold gas prevailing is the pain paralysis, and the dampness prevailing is the paralysis.” Paralysis means the impediment of qi and blood.

Although the temperature rises after the Grain Rain, it will still be cool and hot in the morning and evening and on rainy days, and the humidity in the air will also increase. Therefore, the Grain Rain season is the season when many patients with rheumatic joint diseases are seriously ill. In this season, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, it is easy to cause moisture intrusion.

▶ Maintenance method:

(1) Anyone who has joint pain or has been injured or sprained should pay attention to taking care of the affected area and keeping warm. Avoid catching a cold to prevent symptoms from getting worse or returning.

(2) It is necessary toavoid being in wetlands for a long time, such as those who frequently wade and touch water, they should strengthen moisture-proof measures, such as wearing water shoes , Wear rubber gloves.

(3) Joint maintenance exercises: Sit upright on a chair, straighten one leg at 90 degrees, and raise it vigorously, one leg 100 times. Remember not to raise both legs at the same time, otherwise it may be detrimental to joint health.

(4) Acupoint massage: The acupuncture points of our human body, such as the sea of ​​blood, Yanglingquan, Yinlingquan, Weizhong, Weiyang, Heyang, Chengjin, Chengshan, etc., have a certain effect on joint maintenance. When you have nothing to do, you can often massage.

2. Nourishing the Spleen and Stomach

Gu Yu is the season when the liver is strong and the spleen is weak. It is prone to internal heat, disharmony of the spleen and stomach, headaches, mouth ulcers, sores on the corners of the mouth, and facial acne.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is in charge of transportation and transformation. It likes dryness and hates dampness. Damp pathogens invade the spleen most easily. The ability of the spleen to transport and transform water and dampness decreases.

▶ Maintenance method:

Conditioning the spleen and stomach requires a single lift

This is one of the movements in “Ba Duan Jin”. .

Erect, feet apart, same width. Raise your right hand over your palm, put your five fingers together, palm up, and your fingertips to the left, while pressing your left hand down, palm down, your fingertips forward, your thumb spread out, and look up at your right fingertips for a moment. After the movement is restored, the hands are repeated alternately and repeatedly. The ups and downs of the palms should be slow and not hastily.

Press Hong Leong spleen and expectorant

Fenglong point is the collateral point of the stomach meridian of Foot Yangming. Find the two points of the knee eye and the outer ankle from the outside of the leg and connect them to form a line, then take the midpoint of this line, and then find The tibia on the leg is 1.5 inches outside the anterior border of the tibia, about the width of two fingers, and is flush with the midpoint just now. This place is Fenglong Point.

Fenglong acupoint has been a great treasure acupoint for expectorating phlegm by physicians of various schools since ancient times. Press the Fenglong acupoint on both sides of the calf, and the pressure is suitable to produce a slight pain, and the time is about 1 minute.

early One hour of sleep

Going to bed early can improve the level of qi and blood. When qi and blood are sufficient, the body can be healthy. During the Grain Rain season, the humidity is heavier, so go to bed an hour earlier, so that the yang qi can get a good rest, and you can be energetic during the day, and your complexion will be much better.

avoid Cold and fat should strengthen the spleen and remove dampness

Therefore, during the Grain Rain season, the diet should be the basic principle of invigorating the spleen and removing dampness. , Gorilla, barley, lentils, Chixiaodou and other foods to invigorate the spleen and dampness; or eat tangerine peel, green peel, grass fruit and other ingredients to regulate qi and eliminate dampness; or drink Huoxiang, Peilan and other teas to aromatize turbidity,But don’t eat cold and fatty foods, so as not to further damage the spleen and stomach and aggravate the moisture trapping in the body.

3. Nourishing Qi and Blood

< p data-track="59">Spring is the beginning of the year and the time when the yang energy of the body grows. Therefore, spring is the best time to raise Yang Qi and regulate Qi and blood. The Grain Rain solar term is a harbinger of the coming end of spring. Everyone should seize the tail of spring, restore qi and blood, strengthen health and prevent diseases.

▶ Maintenance method:

Nourishing Liver and Blood

The liver stores blood, mainly disperses and regulates Qi, and helps the spleen and stomach to transport and transform. Therefore, nourishing liver blood is the foundation of regulating Qi and blood.

Chinese medicine believes that “liver Depression leads to spleen deficiency.” Depressed and angry emotions can damage the liver and spleen, resulting in qi and blood consumption. Don’t get angry, stay up late, and don’t overwork your body.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “long-term Vision hurts blood”, when sitting in front of a computer and working, you should pay special attention to rest and maintenance of your eyes to prevent damage to your qi and blood.

Medicated Diet

Many famous recipes for nourishing qi and blood, such as Sijunzi Tang, Siwu Tang, Buzhong Yiqi Pills, as well as Ejiao, Dajiao, etc., which are often eaten by women. Jujube, Angelica, Astragalus, Codonopsis , etc. are all commonly used medicinal materials for tonifying qi and blood, which have a very high effect on health care and nourishing qi and blood.

Cold Evil

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that cold pathogens can cause blood stasis and block the meridians. The biochemistry of Qi and blood is blocked, which can easily lead to joint disease, gastrointestinal discomfort or induce cough.

Don’t eat cold or cold food at home, soak your feet in warm water, and do massage frequently. The elderly often have insufficient qi and blood, so they should pay more attention.

For the body, qi and blood cannot be directly replenished, whether it is food tonic Or medicine supplements, they are only auxiliary, and ultimately rely on the body to generate.

Of course, the more important thing is to live a healthy and energy-saving life, reduce the energy of qi and blood amount of consumption.

< span>Healthy diet in Grain Rain

1. Dispel rheumatism and strengthen muscles and bones – mulberry, parasitic and coix seed spine soup

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[Material] 10g mulberry parasite, 20g coix seed, 50g pork, 300g spine, 1 candied date (serving for 2-3 people).

[Practice]First, cut the spine into pieces and soak in water to remove the blood stains, wash the mulberry parasite and coix seed, and soak for a while. Then put all the ingredients together in a pot, add water and cook for 1-1.5 hours, and finally season and eat.

[Efficacy]Sang parasitica has the functions of dispelling rheumatism, nourishing liver and kidney, and strengthening muscles and bones. It can not only dispel rheumatism, but also invigorate the blood and nourish the liver and kidney. For rheumatism, there is a deficiency syndrome, such as waist and knee pain and weakness due to the long-term injury of arthralgia syndrome. is more suitable. Coix seed has the effects of invigorating the spleen and infiltrating dampness, eliminating phlegm and preventing diarrhea, clearing heat and expelling thickening. This meal takes its functions of infiltrating dampness and eliminating phlegm.

[Contraindications]Because Coix Seed has an excitatory effect on uterine smooth muscle, it is not recommended to consume too much in early pregnancy.

2. Strengthen the spleen and dehumidify – lotus seed millet porridge

[Materials]Millet 100g, lotus seeds 50g.

[Practice]Millet washing Clean, remove the core of the lotus seeds, wash and smash them, put them into the pot together with the millet, add a proper amount of water, first boil over high heat, then slowly cook over low heat until the porridge is formed, add sugar to taste and serve.

[Effects ]Invigorating the spleen, removing dampness and stopping diarrhea; suitable for people with spleen deficiency and heavy dampness and loose stools.

3. Nourishing Qi and Blood – Angelica Astragalus Black Chicken Soup

[ Materials]Black chicken 250g, Angelica 15g, Astragalus 20g.

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[practice] Choose good black-bone chicken, wash, add angelica, astragalus, add appropriate amount of water, simmer slowly, and serve.< /p>

[Effects] Nourishes Qi and blood, regulates kidneys, enhances immunity, and strengthens the body.

Grain rain,

Late Spring Red, span>

Summer is coming,< /span>

May you be happy and healthy,< /span>

Happy every day.

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