“Goxtail Grass” is a treasure, it can be used to boil water and drink, or it can help solve many problems

The dog’s tail grass is the most common on the roadside in the countryside. It grows among many weeds with its unique shape and color. I remember that the dog’s tail grass was our best playmate when we were young. It can be made into the shape of a rabbit, or pinned between the ears, making it the best playmate for many children.

Although dogtail grass is very common, it is a rare Chinese herbal medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dogtail grass is good for clearing the liver The eyes can also diuretic and detoxify, which is of great benefit to patients with vision loss due to conjunctivitis. What benefits will it bring to the body by drinking dogtail grass soaked in water?


First of all, what are the effects of dogtail grass?

1. Clearing heat and reducing fire: the humble foxtail can achieve the effect of clearing heat and reducing fire, and can treat the cause of Oral ulcers caused by getting angry, the main method is to clean the foxtail, add water to boil, boil for about 30 minutes, drink this juice after cooling, the effect on the treatment of oral ulcers is obvious.

2. Clearing the liver and improving eyesight: Setaria can achieve the effect of clearing the liver and improving eyesight. It can not only reduce liver fire, but also relieve eye diseases to a certain extent Efficacy, boiled with green foxtail, drinking green foxtail juice can improve eyesight and clear liver, especially for students and office workers who often use their eyes.

3. Removing dampness and reducing swelling: Boiled foxtail and taking it can expel moisture from the body, but this effect is generally a kind of folklore It is said that if you want to achieve the effect of removing dampness and reducing swelling, you must consult relevant experts before using it, otherwise it may bring bad results.


“Kingtail Grass” is a treasure, it can be used to boil water for drinking, or it can help solve many problems< /span>

1. Clearing heat and reducing fire: the temperature in summer is very high, many people are prone to get angry, Mouth ulcers, sore throat, nosebleeds and other symptoms have a good effect. Take 50g of foxtail grass, put it in a pot, add an appropriate amount of water and boil for half an hour, and then take it when it is warm. After more than ten minutes, it can have a very good effect of clearing away heat and reducing fire, which is a good prescription for reducing fire.

It can also treat fever of febrile disease, wind-heat cold or even high wind-heat cold. to the antipyretic effect.

2. Improving eyesight and clearing liver: Setaria has the effect of improving eyesight and clearing liver, which can reduce liver fire, At the same time, for people with severe vision loss, you can soak water with dogtail grass to drink, which can not only reduce anger, but also improve eyesight. It is also suitable for students and office workers who overuse their eyes and people with blurred eyes.

3、 Dispelling dampness and reducing swelling: The dogtail grass has the effect of removing dampness and reducing swelling. Its effect is widely spread among the people. People with heavy body moisture can take boiled dogtail grass in water to promote urine excretion and drain the body Moisture is expelled from the body together.

4. Invigorate qi and stomach: Dogtail grass is called “civilian doctor”, it has the function of harmonizing the stomach The effect of invigorating qi and regulating the spleen and stomach. For patients with disharmony between the spleen and stomach, drinking water boiled with foxtail grass can strengthen the spleen and harmonize the stomach.

5. Detoxification and diuresis: Dogtail grass has the effect of detoxification and diuresis. I often like to eat barbecue and instant noodles Crowds, there must be too many toxins hidden in the body, you can use foxtail soaked in water to remove toxins from the body, and there is also a group of people who don’t like drinking water, and the urination function is not smooth, you can also drink grasstail soaked in water to diuretic, so that the urine will be smooth discharge.

6. Treatment of synovitis: For those patients who are troubled by synovitis, you can mash fresh dogtail grass and apply it on the painful part of the knee joint twice a day After taking it for two weeks, the swelling and pain of the knee joint will be relieved.

Or smash the dogtail grass together with the roots, tie it to our knees with gauze, and put it on the gauze Press a hot water bag on top for hot compress, which is conducive to the infiltration of the medicinal liquid of dogtail grass, which can quickly relieve synovitis, and you will also find that the joint effusion is getting less and less, and our knees are also It feels easier.

In addition, foxtail can clear away heat and detoxify, and external application of appropriate amount of fresh products can treat skin carbuncle and pain, and play a role in It has the effect of detoxifying and reducing swelling. At the same time, it can also kill insects and relieve itching. For skin itching caused by various sores and ringworms, it can also be rubbed with decocted dogtail grass.


Does drinking foxtail soaked water have any side effects?

There is generally no side effect of drinking dogtail grass boiled water. Polydipsia, obvious burning and stinging pain when urinating, frequent urination, urgency, traction discomfort in the lower abdomen, etc. have a certain relieving effect.

Setaria is also known as foxtail, weed grass, weed grass, etc. It is sweet, light, and cool in nature. It has the effects of clearing away heat and promoting dampness, expelling wind and improving eyesight, detoxifying and killing parasites. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is usually used to treat anemopyretic cold, jaundice, dysentery, painful urination, red eyes, swelling pain, carbuncle, common warts, etc.