Going to Yunnan for the first time (flying to Kunming)

Everyone came out of WC after solving their personal problems and was about to look around to take a look at the ancient city of Nanjing. The loudspeaker in the waiting hall announced that the plane we took was going to check in at the No. 14 ticket gate. So, everyone lined up in a hurry, waiting for the ticket check and then one by one. Because there was no need to go through the security check this time, and there were not many people, everyone quickly passed the ticket check.

When I got back to my seat, the aunt on the side said, “Really, I went down for a while, and I didn’t get anything to look at. I was very angry.” I asked my aunt, “What do you want to see? Isn’t the purpose of going to Yunnan?” “Didn’t you say that you will pick up spores from the grass? It’s not easy to come to Nanjing, so let’s see if you can go again.”

The plane won’t listen to my aunt. It is recommended to run to the takeoff line on time according to the time, and continue to accelerate to take off. Now my aunt doesn’t speak anymore. Quietly watch the precautions played on the cabin TV in front of you.

The flight attendants worked hard, checking over and over again whether everyone was wearing their seat belts. The plane continued to accelerate, and then accelerated again, almost suddenly jumping to an altitude of more than 4,000 meters. My wife said that looking at the mountains, water, and buildings on the ground from the plane window is like looking at an electronic map, which is amazing. “What do I look like?” The aunt wanted to lean over to look, but was firmly fixed in position by the seat belt. “Really, I have to sit and be tied up so that I can’t run away? Besides, where can I run on the plane?” After saying that, he laughed again.

When the plane reaches a certain height, it maintains its balance, and the nose no longer has the feeling of arching upwards. Everyone started talking and laughing again.

The further south you fly, the more beautiful the clouds outside and the more beautiful the mountains. The wife happily marveled at the wonder of the universe. The cabin horn announces that lunch will be served. It was then that everyone felt that they were indeed hungry. Guess what you can get for lunch, and don’t crave water like breakfast. The flight attendant and the flight attendant came from opposite ends of the cabin pushing the dining cart. “Looking at their smiling faces makes me feel at ease.” The aunt said to herself. “I said, what do they mean by holding a flower around their necks?” I said, “One looks like a pretty flight attendant, and the other one has a fixed posture with her head down.” “Oh, I said, each one is smiling so beautifully. , It turns out that this flower works. When I get home, I will get a flower like this for my granddaughter to wear, maybe she will be a flight attendant in the future. Hahahaha!”

The flight attendants sent “beef rice” and “egg noodles”, and everyone was asked to choose the same. Because everyone is worried that they will not resist eating noodles, they have to eat rice. When we came to our place, there was not enough rice in the dining car. The flight attendant was embarrassed and said to Mr. Song in front of him: “Hello! Sir, can I give you egg noodles?” Mr. Song was more casual and agreed: “Yes, yes! “Following their respective lunches, everyone started to eat.

The beef is really pure beef and tastes good, but the rice is not that good, and one grain is hard. I asked my wife in a low voice, “I also buy such rough rice on the plane?” Before my wife could answer, the aunt on the side answered, “Isn’t this kind of rice cheap? Can you say it’s not rice?” I almost burst out laughing . Just at this moment, a flight attendant came over and asked Mr. Song in front of him: “Sir, I’m sorry to disturb you, I brought you the rice you asked for just now.” “But I ate all the noodles.” Mr. Song was very embarrassed. “It’s okay. We’ll give you another serving of beef and rice. You can eat it slowly.” The stewardess left with a smile. The aunt on the side said, “Mr. Song is so cheap. I ate two. Does the flight attendant think he looks good! Haha!”

After lunch, everyone used to use the gift Wipe your mouth and hands with a tissue and wait for the flight attendants to clean up. “I really want to see how they clean up. We can’t let them do such rough work in our family, it’s a pity.” I said, “Auntie, you are so talented.” I’m still on a plane if you’re talented?” “Are you going to take it?” “Will you take it? I don’t know, I can’t take a rocket anyway.” “Hahahaha!” In addition to playing in-flight entertainment programs in the cabin, it is our laughter sound.

The flight attendants and the flight attendants clean up and then bring drinks to the passengers one by one, which seems to have become their habit. Everyone thinks this should be done, because expensive air tickets and good service are the same sign. “Quality and price match” I don’t know if it is appropriate to use it here, but as far as I know, aviation oil for aircraft is very expensive. Haha, far too far. I speak back.

After more than three hours on the plane, I finally heard the horn shouting: “Kunming International Airport is ahead, please put away the folded version and fasten your seat belts, the plane is ready to land!” Stewardesses Started to check seat by seat again to see if any seat belts were fastened, and reminded everyone to lift the porthole sunshade.

The TV shows: the plane is about to arrive in Kunming, 3500 meters, 2800 meters, 1890 meters, 800 meters above the ground… Finally, there is no display, and the TV screen is closed. Wait for the plane to land.

The plane landed. Everyone was very excited. After more than 5 hours of flight, they finally arrived in Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province. (To be continued….)

One Point, Weihai Xu Chengbin