Going out on vacation but afraid of motion sickness? Reminder: 6 ways, don’t let motion sickness ruin your travel mood

The May Day holiday is coming as promised.

Although the current epidemic situation is more severe, many places have also advised citizens to celebrate the New Year in place and adopt various strict return home policies.

Although holidays are rare, many people plan to go out and wander around.

And going out to play, it is natural to have various means of transportation, but at the same time it also brings a lot of trouble to some people—–motion sickness.

Those who have not experienced motion sickness may have no concept, but those who have experienced it have a deep memory, and even severe psychological shadows and fear of riding in a car.

Motion sickness, actually medically known as motion sickness

Many people experience a series of discomforts such as headache, dizziness, nausea or vomiting when they take a car, a boat, a plane or other means of transportation. The phenomenon is motion sickness, also known as motion sickness.

The symptoms of this kind of dizziness can sometimes be experienced in situations such as roller coasters and carousel rides.

Although this phenomenon is generally not life-threatening, it can cause significant discomfort to the patient and seriously affect the patient’s normal movement and health.

How can I prevent motion sickness while riding?

Motion sickness can be uncomfortable, but there are ways to make us feel more comfortable and relieve symptoms such as motion sickness.

First, pay attention to seat selection

For people with motion sickness, they must pay attention when choosing a seat, do not choose the last seat of the vehicle, and do not choose a seat that cannot see the view ahead.

The rear seat is relatively swaying, which can easily cause motion sickness, and the seat without the view in front will give people a feeling of suffocation.

If it is a private car, you can choose the co-pilot seat, and if it is a passenger car or other vehicle, you should choose the seat that is most forward and has a clear view of the front.

These seats have a wider line of sight, which can effectively avoid motion sickness problems.

Second, take correct sitting position

Don’t let your whole body rest on the seat, otherwise, as the body shakes, the feeling of motion sickness will become more and more obvious, and don’t look down at your phone or read a book.

It is best to keep your back straight and try not to lean on the back of the chair. Don’t shake your head, and look straight ahead. This seemingly “regular” sitting posture can effectively prevent motion sickness.

Third, proper use of essential oils

For people who are prone to motion sickness, you can take air essential oil with you when you take transportation.

Because wind oil essence contains a lot of menthol and camphor, it can play a very good cooling effect, can effectively prevent motion sickness, and can also improve dizziness and nausea caused by motion sickness .

In addition to wind oil, you can also use peppermint essential oil or cooling oil.

Fourth, eat a small amount of candy

You should keep some candy in your carry-on pocket when traveling in public transportation.

Be careful not to choose candy that is too sour, otherwise it will strongly irritate the stomach mucosa, causing severe nausea and vomiting.

You can choose some cool candies, such as mints, or choose some Luo Han Guo lozenges, which can prevent motion sickness and improve a series of uncomfortable symptoms caused by motion sickness.

Fifth, wear a mask during the ride

The reason why many people get motion sickness is related to the smell in the car, such as the obvious smell of gasoline in the car. Or there is a lot of people in the vehicle, resulting in a more obvious odor or other odor in the compartment.

These pungent odors can easily upset the stomach and induce motion sickness. Therefore, you must wear a mask during the entire ride. If the mask is wet, it should be replaced quickly.

Sixth, take anti motion sickness drugs

It is best to take some motion sickness drugs under the guidance of a doctor before riding, which can effectively prevent motion sickness.

Common over-the-counter medicines include Diphenhydramine and Diphenhydramine, which can be purchased and taken by yourself at pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription. Look for the directions in the manual to use.

In addition, some motion sickness stickers can be attached at the same time, which also has the effect of preventing motion sickness, but it must be taken 30~60 minutes before the ride.

Generally speaking, motion sickness is not a serious illness and resolves on its own in most cases.

Of course, if you can do the above things well, at least during the May Day holiday, don’t spoil your travel interest.