Get the medical report: nearly 60% of the “killers” who were infected but ignored

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Some time ago, a piece of news was frightening: a 45-year-old woman was infected with Helicobacter pylori and caused stomach cancer.

Here’s what happened. A woman went to the hospital with abdominal pain and was diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer, while another test performed at the same time revealed her cause: Helicobacter pylori infection Strong positive.

Coincidentally, a man in Nanjing suffered from stomach pain and was positive for Helicobacter pylori after the examination. After the doctor’s advice, the whole family was also tested. The results were without exception, and the whole family was infected with Helicobacter pylori.

How many people got chills after watching it, and decisively threw preventive measures into the group, only to get a red exclamation mark.

You must know that disease enters from the mouth. One of the measures to prevent Helicobacter pylori is to divide meals or use public chopsticks.

But using public chopsticks is easier said than done, so it’s no wonder that the first comment is this:

Many people do not understand the prevention and treatment of Helicobacter pylori because the people around them do not understand.

Today I want to talk to you about why Helicobacter pylori cannot be prevented!

News reported a man’s journey from the discovery of Helicobacter pylori to the diagnosis of gastric cancer.

As early as three years ago, Mr. Shen was found to be positive for Helicobacter pylori during his physical examination, but he didn’t care.

Two years later, Mr. Shen, who was nervous because of epigastric discomfort, hurriedly underwent gastroscopy. He was finally diagnosed with gastric cancer and had most of his stomach removed.

Similar news abounds.

A 2-year-old girl Duoduo was hospitalized due to gastric bleeding. After examination, it was because of Helicobacter pylori infection. After the whole family did a breath test, it was found that her grandmother’s value was significantly higher.

The doctor found out after inquiring that it was when grandma was feeding Duoduo.

The picture has nothing to do with the news, the source of the picture @Visual China

When encountering meat that is not easy to bite, she will chew it and feed her; sometimes, if she wants to eat the food in grandma’s bowl, grandma will directly use chopsticks that she has touched. She ate, which caused Duoduo infection and stomach bleeding.

The same thing happened to the little boy Nan Nan, who came to the hospital for treatment with chronic abdominal pain.

It was unexpected that such a young child developed a duodenal ulcer.

The picture has nothing to do with the news, the source of the picture @Visual China

The doctor gave an explanation after understanding the family situation, because the parents used chopsticks to pick vegetables for their children for a long time, which caused the children to be infected with Helicobacter pylori and directly caused duodenal ulcers.

If you think that only children are susceptible to infection, then you are wrong, and adults are equally vulnerable.

Mr. Liu’s wife died of erosive gastritis. When accompanied by his wife for an examination, he had a whim, and he also performed a gastroscope himself.

On investigation, it was found that Mr. Liu was infected with Helicobacter pylori and also had erosions in his stomach.

Because of the close relationship between husband and wife, the two people infected back and forth, which caused the wife to be unable to heal.

Seeing these people’s experiences makes me shudder too, so never feel like you’re okay, because it’s too late when something goes wrong.

Helicobacter pylori, it’s time to take it seriously!

So what exactly is Helicobacter pylori? This term is still unfamiliar to many people.

But if your stomach is uncomfortable, after you go to the doctor, in addition to the gastroscope, the doctor will often arrange for you to do a carbon thirteen or carbon fourteen breath test, which is a special Detection of Helicobacter pylori.

You can also self-test for Helicobacter pylori at home in the future

This arrangement is made because Helicobacter pylori is the culprit of many digestive tract diseases.

And abdominal pain, bloating, acid reflux, belching… these are all symptoms of Helicobacter pylori infection.

Simply put, when you have stomach pains, frequent burping, bad breath, or even no appetite for eating, then you should be vigilant, and Helicobacter pylori may come to your door unknowingly.

Recently, Helicobacter pylori has been listed as a definite carcinogen in the 15th edition of the carcinogen report released by the United States.

Is this alarmist? In fact, it is not. According to reports, at least 70% of gastritis and gastric cancer are related to Helicobacter pylori infection.

Helicobacter pylori can cause local inflammation in the stomach, and then damage the gastric mucosa, from chronic superficial gastritis to chronic atrophic gastritis to atypical hyperplasia of the epithelium, and finally develops into gastric cancer .

For a long time, many people thought that gastric cancer was unexpected, but it turns out that some gastric cancers have already quietly released signals.

If you see Helicobacter pylori and immediately alert, then you have actually seized the opportunity in this battle against cancer.

Fighting H. pylori is a big battle these days.

As for why this is said, let’s take a look at the relevant data: In my country, the average infection rate of Helicobacter pylori is as high as 59%.

Based on a total population of 1.4 billion, nearly 840 million people across the country are infected.

What is the concept of 840 million? You must know that the total population of Japan next door is less than 130 million.

The reason for such a huge number of infections is that, apart from bacterial infections that generally do not heal themselves, another important reason is that Helicobacter pylori itself is also highly contagious. .

Households with H. pylori infection had an infection rate of nearly 81%,

About 60% higher than those without family members

Helicobacter pylori is transmitted mainly through fecal-oral transmission.

Helicobacter pylori resides in the human stomach, and it will also be excreted from the body through the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, if you do not pay attention to personal hygiene and do not wash your hands in time after defecation, it is likely to be infected;< /p>

Infected people are very likely to transmit the bacteria to another person during a meal without using public chopsticks, or even sharing tableware and eating food. .

In addition, it is also not uncommon that the infection of bacteria may also be completed between couples kissing. This time it is really “Are you afraid of loving me”.

All in all, Helicobacter pylori infection is hard to prevent!

So how to prevent Helicobacter pylori? In fact, since we already know the way of transmission, we just need to do the opposite.

First of all, the family implements a meal-sharing system. If someone in the family is infected, then meal-sharing is the best choice to block bacterial infection.

The same applies to the use of public chopsticks and spoons, especially when dining out.

Photo Source@Visual China

Second, do not eat raw food or drink raw water. Helicobacter pylori can survive in tap water for 4-10 days, and in river water for up to 3 years. Therefore, be sure to boil the water before drinking it.

Third, wash your hands and mouth in time. Cutlery and utensils should also be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Fourth, high-risk groups should be checked regularly.

In short, remember, never “talk about disease and discoloration”, and take adequate preventive measures to prevent Helicobacter pylori from starting!

Speaking of the last, there is actually a question that has to be involved: If you are really infected with Helicobacter pylori, how should you treat it?

In fact, there is no need to be afraid of Helicobacter pylori infection, it can be cured.

At present, it is generally accepted by the medical community that the cure for Helicobacter pylori is to apply sterilizing drugs to patients, usually 3 to 4 Chinese drugs are used in combination, of which at least two antibiotics, that is, everyone Commonly said triple therapy and quadruple therapy, generally take 14 days to achieve the effect of eradication.

Compared with lower quadruple therapy, the eradication rate is higher, reaching 80%.

Also be careful not to go to the doctor in a hurry and believe in advertisements

An equally important, but often overlooked, question for most people is: Do I have to be treated if I am infected with Helicobacter pylori?

The answer isIndividual.

In general, treatment is not recommended for children under the age of 14 because of the high reinfection rate of Helicobacter pylori, strong drug resistance, and the side effects of the drug.

For the elderly over 70 years old, there are similar considerations. Even if they need treatment, doctors should consider the side effects of the drug, weigh the pros and cons before making a judgment.

Breathe test, source @CCTV News

As for other people, clinically, about 80 to 90% of infected people do not have any symptoms, in other words, these people do not need treatment.

After all, although Helicobacter pylori infection may lead to stomach disease or even stomach cancer, according to the data, only about 1% of infected people actually suffer from stomach cancer.

So even if you are really infected with Helicobacter pylori, you don’t have to mess around. The most correct way is to see a doctor. treat.

Generally, treatment is often required for these conditions:

When there is a family history of stomach problems;

When an infected person develops gastrointestinal symptoms;

When an infected person plans to take NSAIDs long-term.

If you are not infected with Helicobacter pylori, or positive for Helicobacter pylori, but have no adverse symptoms so far, congratulations, you can rest easy.

However, remember to share meals with others or use common chopsticks.

Appropriate protection is not about health, but about safety. After all, at a time when the pace of society is getting faster and faster and health problems are getting more and more serious, there is nothing more important than having a healthy body matter.

Therefore, it is necessary to love both oneself and others.

Have you used chopsticks today?


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