Furongguo Review | Homestay Industry, Begins with Appearance and Finally Service – Observation on the Development of Hunan Homestay Industry (Part 2)

“Longing for a life”, “Poems and dreams in the distance”, “Healing 10,000 kinds of heartbreaks”, the homestays active on the Internet have always grown and grown with a poetic and romantic temperament, especially the photo sharing on major platforms. Immortal spirit… Thousands of amorous feelings and youthful beauty. If the beauty is the “face value” of the homestay, then the service is its “soul”.

Liu’edong Village, Suining County, tourists experience the farm style at the homestay. In recent years, Suining Rural Commercial Bank has launched the “Homestay Loan” service to provide financial support for farmers to participate in the rural tourism industry and promote the development of the rural tourism industry. Teng Zhizhong and Liu Ziqun Photo report

Service is not only an important factor in attracting tourists, but its reputation directly affects the local tourism ecology and is related to the development of the tourism industry. A few years ago, rural tourism in some places was defeated in Maicheng because of the “chopping a knife and earning a return” incident. In order to win the steady and long-term development of the Hunan homestay industry, it must take the improvement of service as the key in its start-up stage. Don’t let the homestay that is fascinated by the dream jump into “beauty is beautiful, but there is no ‘soul'”. ‘s vicious circle.

To improve services, let consumers “what you see is where you live”. In the Internet era, the service industry, including homestays, is a complete “word-of-mouth economy”. An evaluation on the Internet may directly or indirectly affect many people’s travel decisions. In terms of appearance, “each has its own beauty” and “each has its own merits”. Whoever improves the service display, the reputation will be further improved, and whoever will win more traffic in the sharing economy; B&Bs are effectively absorbing local people’s employment At the same time, improve their professional service level and maintain the same external appearance and internal service, so that there will be continuous traffic.

Enhancing the package is the most effective means to enhance the experience. Nowadays, houses, beautiful scenery and swimming pools have become the standard configuration of some local B&Bs in our province, meeting the needs of some tourists to take pictures and punch cards. Even so, in terms of its entire industrial chain, it can only be primary and low-end. Pioneers in some places are actively exploring “homestay +”, introducing landscape agriculture, agricultural experience, research and education, parent-child interaction, and humanities and arts into homestays. While enriching tourists’ experience, they also generate income for local and farmers through multiple channels, and explore a way to realize homestays. , An effective path for tourists and villagers to win more.

Qingnan Village, Qingshanhu Street, Lin’an District, Hangzhou City, tourists check in at the mine camping base. Qingnan Village used to be a famous “lime village”. In recent years, the village has transformed its unique IP into a homestay and camping base. Photo by Gu Pengbo, an all-media reporter of Hunan Daily

Explore consumption and give full play to the “bridge” function of homestays. Homestays can provide products and services such as “trunks” and “souvenirs” to boost local advantages and characteristic industries to meet consumer demand, expand scale and improve quality. Zhangjiajie mildew tea, Xiangxi bacon, Miao silver ornaments, Baojing tea, Dawei mountain pear, Yanling yellow peach… There are countless characteristic products that can be used by Hunan country houses. Increasing the added value of these products can not only bring tourists a sense of multi-level participation and experience, but also effectively promote the development of local industries.

“The flowers on the roadside are blooming, the fruit on the tree is waiting for someone to pick, and the guests from afar, please stay.” Looking around, the homestay market is hot, and the market competition is getting fiercer. In addition to the special scenery and delicious food, homestays also need high-quality services to attract and retain people. Begins with appearance and ends with service. In the big waves of the market, only those homestays with both “face value” and “soul” can win the moment and win the rivers and lakes, so as to help the rural revitalization strategy and make great achievements in the high-quality development of tourism.

Source: Hunan Daily

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