Finishing Pack/Omicron Subtype BA.2 Has Two New Symptoms! Severity Knows Once, April 29. According to the website of the Heilongjiang Provincial Health and Health Commission, at 0-24:00 on April 28, 2022, 1 new imported confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia was added in Heilongjiang Province (reported by Harbin City, imported from South Korea) ); 1 new case of asymptomatic infection imported from abroad (reported by Harbin City, imported from Japan). 4 new local confirmed cases (all in Harbin) and 6 new local asymptomatic infections (all in Harbin), all of which were found by nucleic acid testing during the isolation and control period. On the same day, 25 local confirmed cases were cured and discharged (23 in Harbin and 2 in Mudanjiang), and 27 local asymptomatic infections were released from medical observation (27 in Harbin).

As of 24:00 on April 28, the province has 1 imported confirmed case and 1 imported asymptomatic infection; there are 376 local confirmed cases and 255 local asymptomatic infections .