Feel the Autumn (Original)

Feeling the autumn

I always hope that time will pass slowly and slowly, even if I endure more scorching sun

But I can’t hold the big hand of time

Drawing all the way into the autumn

I always hope to see the wild geese in South Africa

But I ignore the severe cold that comes from the east in autumn

Always indulge in the red leaves all over the mountains

But I forgot the face of Luoying under my feet

Going to autumn

Blurred eyes

A glass of turbid wine and watching the bright moon

The two masters reminisce childhood

I always want to talk

but I have no words…

The sun and the moon are reincarnated, the lead is no longer, and the red dust remains , May all troubles be blown away with the rain and the wind. In the sixtieth year, try to make the unrealized or unrealized happiness of childhood, youth and middle age, roadshow again. No matter if I can get my wish or not, I will try my best to make them turn into a few red leaves, the color of sunset in the autumn wind, so that I will not be lonely for the rest of my life——

One point No. Shandong Financial Writer