Far away from his hometown, Wang Bo lived alone in the mountains, wrote a poem that hurts spring, and explained the grievances of his life.

The ancients often like to be sad about the spring and sad the autumn, and when spring comes Originally, it was full of vigor, and flowers were blooming everywhere, but for the poet, there was a lot of sadness. , the earth is cold again, and at this time it will start to hurt the autumn; it is such a psychological change that makes them write countless touching poems, so that we can feel their sorrow immediately after reading them.

The song “Spring Village” by Wang Bo, a famous poet in the early Tang Dynasty, That is a very typical work of hurting spring. There is not a word in the whole poem that is not sad, not a word that is not sad, and it is written very poignantly. Between the lines, the poet’s helplessness for life is revealed, and he has written all his life’s grievances. When Wang Bo wrote this poem, he happened to be far away from his hometown. He lived alone in the mountains and lived a life of indifference to the world. But for the poet, he was still sad. After all, he was a young man full of ideals. To make achievements and make a career, but in real life, he hits walls everywhere.

Wang Bo is an absolute genius poet. His short life is like a shooting star in the dark night sky. Lighting up that era, each of his poems is a rare classic. For the poet, he was full of sorrow in his bones. When he wrote this poem, he had just regained his freedom. He was sentenced to prison for murdering officials and slaves. Fortunately, he received an amnesty, so he chose to leave the noisy city. A person went to live in seclusion in the mountains, and it was against this background that he wrote such a sentimental work.

The Orchid Leaf Path in the mountains, Li Taoyuan outside the city.

I don’t know that people are quiet, and I don’t feel the noise of birds.

Wang Bo became more sad because of the changes in his life. Not only was he imprisoned for one time, but his father was also demoted to the remote Jiaozhi, which is today’s Vietnam. This incident hit him hard, causing his temperament to change greatly, and his style of poetry changed obviously. After all, his life was also in trouble. Don’t talk about ideals, and sometimes even life becomes a problem.

We can imagine Wang Bo’s helplessness at that time. He originally thought that he could go to the outside world to achieve his career and realize his ideals in life. However, due to various reasons, his life will never be the same again, and everything has changed. Therefore, in this poem, he used the scenery to express his emotions and wrote all the pain of grief. The first two sentences are about the beautiful scenery in the mountains. The short two sentences are picturesque. At this time, the mountains are full of flowers. The brocade bloomed gorgeous flowers, the paths were covered with orchids, and the gardens outside the city were also full of peaches and plums.

The last two sentences describe the psychological changes at that time and my own perception of life. Although there is not a single word for sorrow, it is full of sorrow; only when a person is far away from the hustle and bustle of the world can he be able to calm himself down. Living in such a place makes people feel at ease, and even the chirping of birds cannot be heard. These two sentences seem to be written plainly, but we combine the background at the time and Wang Bo’s experience, we can find that the poet is actually very sad, and the writing is naturally very touching, which makes us feel his helplessness.

Wang Bo was the most famous and most talented among the Four Great Masters in the early Tang Dynasty, but he only lived to be twenty-seven years old. Later, he visited his father from Jiaozhi. When he came back, he encountered a storm and was blown into the sea. The great poets go from dust to dust. The poems he left behind made him the most remarkable poet of that period, and some classic poems were also quoted by countless later generations.

This poem “Chunzhuang” expresses Wang Bo’s beautiful yearning to stay away from The crowd leads a leisurely and contented life, but Wang Bo is always lonely and sad all the time, so although this poem seems to be beautifully written, it is full of sadness everywhere, and every sentence reveals a sentimental feeling, which is also true. This is the most unique part of this poem, and this kind of work is also the most worth reading.