Fainting when urinating, what is the cause? How to deal with it?


It means losing consciousness for a short time and waking up again after a while.


The most common causes of syncope are: cardiogenic, cerebral, vascular, hypoglycemia etc. It is necessary to focus on excluding heart and brain diseases, actively see a doctor, and treat them seriously. Another possibility is vasovagal syncope.

【Vasovagal syncope】

Accounts for 60% of all syncope, and it is more common in healthy young women.


1. The mechanism is neurocardiac reflex and autonomic nervous system dysfunction.

2. Due to the stimulation of peripheral chemical or mechanoreceptors, the impulse is transmitted to the cardiovascular regulation center of the medulla, causing neurovascular reflexes, and the patient suddenly changes from sympathetic excitement to inhibition , and when the vagus nerve is over-activated, the efferent fibers act on the blood vessels and the heart respectively, resulting in a sudden decrease in peripheral vascular tension and hypotension. Due to the inhibition of the cardiac pacing conduction system, a sudden drop in sinus rhythm is caused, resulting in cerebral ischemia and hypoxia. This results in a brief loss of consciousness and syncope.

【Clinical manifestations】

1. Stand upright for more than 30 seconds, or suffer from emotional stress, pain, or application of certain drugs A series of symptoms due to certain drugs;

2. The characteristic symptoms are sweating, fever, nausea, and pale complexion;

3. Associated with hypotension and bradycardia, generalized weakness after onset.

【Jue Syndrome】

Is it called Jue in Chinese medicine? For those who have Jue, the yin and yang qi do not follow each other, it is called Jue. Jue, the hands and feet are cold.

【How to deal with it? 】

1. Prevention

When there is a sign of discomfort, lie down immediately to avoid fainting, and you can’t hold back .

2. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment

One ​​is to use Bupleurum Guizhi Decoction to reconcile the yin and yang qi mechanisms so that the yin and yang are connected.

Second, after the two prescriptions of Xiaochaihu Decoction and Guizhi Decoction are combined, the dosage is reduced.

Third is Fangge, take half of the original prescription of Xiaochai and fry it, and add Guizhi Decoction into the compound recipe. Yangzhong is too little to cause disease, so Bupleurum is more important as a shoulder.

Fourth is Guizhi (peeled) one or two halves (4.5g), one or two halves of Scutellaria baicalensis (4.5g), one or two halves of ginseng (4.5g), licorice (roasted ) one tael (3g), pinellia two-and-a-half (washed) (6g), peony one two halves 4.5g), jujube six pieces (broken), ginger one two halves (cut) 4.5g), Bupleurum four taels (12g ).

3. ​​Minimally invasive cervical release treatment, under the guidance of musculoskeletal ultrasound, accurately release hyperplasia and adhesion, and at the same time assist with stellate ganglion block to improve blood supply to the brain , improve autonomic function, enhance autonomic self-regulation function, and stay away from syncope.

Doctor Brother Xiaoqiang

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