Express|Without a single clinical product, how can this cutting-edge company receive US$123 million in financing?

▎WuXi AppTec Content Team Editor

Senda Biosciences recently announced the completion of a $123 million Series C financing, bringing Senda’s total funding to date to $266 million. Founded in 2018 by the well-known venture capital firm Flagship, the biotechnology company is mainly focused on developing innovative drugs by exploiting the interaction between human cells and microbes in the body.

Human and non-human cells are constantly exchanging material and co-evolving. Many nanoparticles found in nature, such as those biomolecules from archaea, fungi, bacteria and plant cells, exhibit different tropisms, binding forces and interactions when entering human cells. Repeatability. Senda is through the study of these interactions to develop drugs that target specific cells.

Senda’s platform breaks down the chemical codes of natural nanoparticles from different species that have evolved to precisely deliver biomolecules into human cells. By classifying these chemical codes into large, diverse maps, Senda classifies nanoparticles with key biological properties, including, for example, those that target specific cells and tissues and allow for reproducible drug delivery. By combining this map information with Senda’s mRNA technology, it becomes the SendRNA platform. This platform fully unlocks the potential to generate fully programmable drugs for faster drug development. The unique properties of this class of drugs will create a new generation of drugs and vaccines, which can be applied to the treatment of various diseases such as infectious, hereditary, metabolic, autoimmune and cancer, and improve existing mRNA drugs and vaccines, gene editing with protein therapy.

Funds from this financing will be used to drive the development of Senda’s programmable drug platform and advance its first program into clinical testing.

“Senda is a pioneer in the development of fully programmable medicines with the potential to target previously unreachable cells, tissues and organs,” Senda CEO and Flagship Partner Dr. Guillaume Pfefer said, “We believe our approach will make a fundamental difference in the lives of patients in need of innovative treatments, so we are delighted to attract the support of investors who recognize the potential and importance of this platform.”

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