Evening News|West China Hospital of Sichuan University discovers a new mechanism of tumor resistance

1.Chinese scholars develop a new dementia risk prediction model that can predict the onset of dementia ten years in advance

Chinese experts carried out multi-disciplinary joint research and developed a new dementia risk prediction model using biomedical big data and artificial intelligence algorithms, which was named UKB-DRP. By entering the relevant information of the individual to be tested on the relevant page, the public can obtain their five-year, ten-year and longer-term dementia risk.

This model is a general model for prospective intelligent prediction of the risk of both all-cause dementia and its main subtype (Alzheimer’s disease) simultaneously. It can accurately predict whether the disease will occur within a year, ten years or even longer. It is reported that there are two main types of dementia: Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia.

UKB-DRP dementia prediction model has high predictive power for all-cause dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in the next five years, ten years or even longer, with all-cause dementia prediction The AUC value was 0.85, while the predicted AUC value for Alzheimer’s disease was even higher, reaching 0.86-0.89. It is understood that the value range of AUC is between 0.5 and 1. The closer the AUC is to 1.0, the higher the authenticity of the detection method. (China News)

2.West China Hospital of Sichuan University discovered a new mechanism of tumor resistance

On September 26, 2022, a study by the State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy, West China Hospital, Sichuan University found that hemi-squamous differentiation is a new feature of bladder cancer chemotherapy resistance, and then proposed targeted tissue Differentiation therapeutic strategy for protease CTSH to promote terminal differentiation of drug-resistant tumor cells. The animal model of MIBC is relatively lacking. In this study, a primary, orthotopic MIBC mouse model with p53 and Pten deletion and Myc overexpression was constructed. The model can accurately characterize the clinicopathological features of MIBC patients. Using this model, the response to the MIBC clinical chemotherapy regimen (cisplatin + gemcitabine) was tested, and it was found that the model could accurately present the whole process from clinical response to relapse resistance. (China Medical Biotechnology Association)

3. Suzhou Xinmaide completed the A round of financing, and the technological innovation of drug delivery devices helped the development of local inhalation preparations

Recently, Suzhou Xinmaide Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. (“Xinmaide”), which focuses on the development and innovation of complex drug delivery devices, announced the completion of its Series A financing, exclusively owned by Hongyuan Capital invest. This is Xinmaide’s first external financing since its establishment. The proceeds will be used for the construction of the company’s pulmonary drug delivery and nasal drug delivery technology platforms, the upgrade of industrialized manufacturing centers, and team expansion.

Suzhou Xinmaide was founded in 2016, dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of complex drug delivery devices, as well as the development of drug-device combination products, enabling the clinical efficacy of drug delivery, providing Chinese doctors and Patients are provided with more high-quality and affordable treatment options. Relying on its technology platforms such as pulmonary drug delivery and nasal drug delivery, Syntec has developed single-dose capsule DPI devices, multi-dose blister DPI devices, soft mist inhalation devices and multi-power nasal spray devices, etc. The field covers the delivery of drugs for diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), nose and brain. (arterial network)

4.Kexing innovative production and research base was completed, boosting the industrialization of new products such as recombinant COVID-19 vaccines

On September 25th, the inauguration ceremony of the SINOVAC Innovation Production and Research Base was held in Daxing, Beijing. The base has a total investment of more than 2.1 billion yuan and a total construction area of ​​156,000 square meters. It will be put into use one after another this month to promote the reorganization of the new coronavirus vaccine, the national “major new drug creation” major scientific and technological project – the Hib series R&D and industrialization of combined vaccines and other innovative products. (Prospective Network)