Established a Chinese medicine study group, which involves treatment methods for low back pain, leg pain, cervical pain and other problems. There are still 200 people left.

In 2022,many people are still looking for information when they learn Chinese medicine, and they don’t know how to distinguish between majors and not majors, which leads to loss of health when learning! This time, I apply for professional Chinese medicine resources, and I will open one for everyonefree‘s [Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Learning Exchange Group], allowing you to spend less money and take detours.

Wechat scan code to join, the following detailsLong press the picture Recognize QR codeIt is equivalent to a walking think tank, professional old Chinese medicine teaching /span>Traditional Chinese Medicine Learning + Q&A + Pain Conditioning + Practical PracticeAll in one! Only 200 free spots, so do it and cherish it.

Even if you don’t have a foundation in traditional Chinese medicine, don’t worry,many diseases are fixed treatments method, just do it.

Teacher will also teach you in the group how to treat daily diseases, such as Shoulder and neck pain, knee joints, pharyngitis, stomach pain, diarrhea…..but no consultation!