Drinking “dandelion” can eliminate breast nodules, really? Dr. Zhu sent you a prescription

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the problem of nodules, to a certain extent, is related to excessive phlegm dampness and blood stasis in the human body. If it is in the neck, it is a thyroid nodule. Phlegm in Chinese medicine is different from phlegm in Western medicine. It does not refer to something coughed up, but a pathological product, mostly caused by excessive dampness and heat in the body.

Miss Tang from Sichuan recently discovered She had abnormal chest pain. After going to the hospital for an examination, the doctor said it was caused by breast nodules. She thought it was nothing serious and didn’t care. Later, she heard from a friend that soaking dandelion in water could cure it. In “New Compendium of Materia Medica”, dandelion is introduced as “bitter in taste, flat in qi. It enters Yangming and Taiyin. It collapses and swells, eliminates tuberculosis, detoxifies food, and dissipates stagnant qi.” Many people say that dandelion can eliminate nodules and resist Cancer, is dandelion, a traditional Chinese medicine in the field, really so miraculous? Let’s take a look together.

Ms. Tang has been drinking dandelion for a long time and her breast nodules have really disappeared. She takes all the credit It’s all due to the traditional Chinese medicine dandelion. Perhaps, this is not the case. Let’s talk about this lady:

Ms. Hu also often drinks dandelion, but the situation It didn’t get better, but the breast glandular nodules kept getting worse. On the contrary, they were more serious than before, and they were often accompanied by symptoms such as diarrhea. Later, the reason was finally found out. Dandelion is cold in nature, and her constitution was originally There is also the problem of spleen and stomach deficiency and cold, so long-term drinking will undoubtedly add to the cold, and the symptoms will become worse and worse? So, can the medicine of dandelion eliminate nodules?

We must first understand where the nodules come from?

The formation of nodules is caused by pathological factors such as congestion. Phlegm dampness condenses, and phlegm dampness does not rule out long-term condensation and nucleation in the body, also known as phlegm nucleus. Liver Qi stagnation, liver stagnation and Qi stagnation are blood deficiency, blood deficiency and poor circulation of Qi and blood. Metabolism is blocked, and nodules are easy to form everywhere in the body. The more liquid waste in the body, the more likely nodules will form. Nodules caused by the liver are usually located around the chest, like breast nodules. Phlegm in Chinese medicine is different from phlegm in Western medicine. It does not refer to something coughed up, but a pathological product, mostly caused by excessive dampness and heat in the body.

It is also mentioned in traditional Chinese medicine that nodules are related to stagnation of liver qi, deficiency of liver and kidney, and also to changes in personal emotions , if a person is depressed, angry and troubled for a long time, this person is prone to nodules.

Knowing the disease, how should we treat it?

Taking traditional Chinese medicine is one of the ways to treat nodules. Generally, doctors will use dandelion, a traditional Chinese medicine, when prescribing Chinese medicine. It is indeed helpful to relieve nodules, but It does not mean that dandelion can eliminate nodules, because prescribing Chinese medicine is very particular, Chinese medicine pays attention to syndrome differentiation and treatment, and generally Chinese medicine prescriptions are combined with various Chinese medicines to treat diseases, single medicine is very limited .

If you just buy or pick dandelion by yourself, and use it privately, it may not be effective. This is a big problem. If you want to use traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning, please do it reasonably under the guidance of a doctor, and don’t blindly drink dandelion water for a long time.

For breast nodules, I will give you a prescription, this prescription eliminates breast nodules Nodules are very effective, and I often prescribe:

Pinellia ➕ Poria ➕ Black and White Two Chou ➕ Raw ocher ➕ Sea pumice ➕ Corydalis ➕ Yang Qishi➕Phoenix Clothes

Pinellia ➕ Poria – to remove the phlegm that has been formed.

Black and white, two ugliness – to facilitate defecation and defecation, and let phlegm, dampness and turbid air be discharged from the lower orifice, because the turbid yin comes out of the lower orifice, the premise is that the defecation and defecation are unimpeded.

Raw ochre-relieve adverse conditions, reduce phlegm dampness and air pressure.

Actinolite➕Phoenix Clothes——If you want to cure phlegm dampness, you need to strengthen the kidney and strengthen the kidney’s ability to seal,

Sea pumice ➕ Yanhusuo – relieves nodules and relieves pain.

If you have gynecological diseases such as breast nodules, you canContact me from the background, thank you for your attention, likes and forwarding, Dr. Zhu hopes to help everyone, thank you!