Dr. Liu Yi said why the ground-glass nodules of lung cancer (4868) that have not changed in three years may be lung cancer

A ground-glass nodule less than one centimeter in the lung has not changed after several years of observation. Is it possible that it is malignant? of? Is it true that ground-glass nodules in the lungs are not lung cancer if they have not changed after several years of observation?

There is a 45-year-old woman who lives in Tianjin, three years ago, I found a ground-glass nodule in her lungs. She didn’t see me before, but went to another doctor. This time she contacted me after the re-examination in our hospital and asked me to see the results of the re-examination. . I saw her film, the lung nodule is about 8 mm, it is a pure ground glass nodule, relatively close to the periphery, it looks like a typical early lung cancer, I suggest that she can consider surgery from a positive perspective resection.

I don’t know if other doctors have told her about this knot before, It might be lung cancer, but she seemed unprepared. She asked me that the nodule had not changed for three years. Why did she say it might be early lung cancer? For ground-glass nodules in the lungs, if they persist and exceed or reach a certain diameter, the probability of being lung cancer is relatively high. This is based on clinical experience. This type of ground-glass nodular lung cancer develops relatively slowly, and it may not change for several years.