Dr. Liu Yi said that lung cancer (4881) pulmonary nodules are in the respiratory department, how can I arrange surgery?

When a lung nodule is found, it is best to let our lung surgeon take a look. If you feel that there is no indication for surgery at present, but you need drug treatment, then go to a physician, such as a respiratory doctor. There are also some patients with pulmonary nodules who first lived in the Department of Respiratory Medicine. After examination, they decided to undergo surgical treatment. Respiratory doctors do not perform operations. The operations are performed by our surgeons. At this time, we need to come to our Department of Surgery.

A patient with pulmonary nodules living in the Department of Respiratory Medicine of our hospital contacted I, said that I decided to have surgery, and wanted me to arrange it as soon as possible. This kind of situation is also relatively common. You can be discharged from the respiratory department. I will arrange a bed for you, and you can go directly to my hospital for hospitalization. For some examinations that you do in the respiratory department, when you leave the hospital, you can ask the doctor to take a photo with your mobile phone or copy it, and bring the copied paper version of the report, so that you don’t need to do some repeated examinations.

If the bed can be connected well, you can be discharged from the respiratory department on the same day. While hospitalized, if the beds are tight, you can also rest at home for a few days after being discharged from the respiratory department. The beds on my side have been arranged, and you can come to my side for hospitalization.