Don’t overdraw your child’s intelligence prematurely

#Children’s Office#

To have a child and become a dragon is what every parent hopes for, to develop children’s intelligence prematurely, not only did they fail to nurture their children He became a ‘prodigy’, but instead he killed the child by pulling the seedlings out.

Although early education can stimulate the development of children’s intelligence and potential, and make children grow up healthily, but in this process, they often fall into the misunderstanding of quick success.

The harm to children may not appear in a short period of time at the beginning, but after a long time, some will make the brain sluggish, confused, and the nervous system will begin to malfunction. Others are geniuses from the beginning and end up suffering from mental illness. This is a past medical record, which makes parents have to pay attention to it.

Parents are eager for their children to become dragons, and they can’t be too hasty. Overdrawing their children’s intelligence too early will only be counterproductive, and the ultimate victim is the child.

Only by learning from the experience and lessons of predecessors, parents should abandon their desire for quick success and respect their children’s nature. Don’t violate the rules, let the children grow up and become talents better.